7 Popular Trends in Backyard Design for Spring & Summer 2016

Fashion isn’t the only industry that boasts an ever-evolving look; the same is true of design with regard to landscapes and house plans. Especially for the homeowner who enjoys throwing outdoor events or parties at his or her home, it’s important to spruce things up each season or year to keep the backyard looking current, exciting, and functional as well – the newer the design, the more impressed guests will be with your event, too!

Here are the top seven most-popular backyard design trends for the 2016 spring and summer seasons:


Indoor fabrics:

In years past, outdoor fabrics were limited to uncomfortable, aesthetically unappealing patterns and textures. However, all of this has changed. With consistent upgrades to newer water- and weather-resistant fabrics, it’s possible to utilize similar indoor and outdoor fabric sets. This enables your backyard to embody the same style and color scheme as the rest of what is found within your house plan, promoting not only a sense of cohesiveness but also adaptability. Instead of buying all new furniture every few years, you can instead reupholster what you already own to give your outdoor space a fresh, new look.

Water-centric design:

Swimming PoolWater is a prominent theme in this year’s trending designs. Still waters, such as pools and ponds with interesting shapes and patterns, are classic choices. On the other hand, running-water designs, such as fountains or artificial waterfalls, add a visually attractive and calming element to any property. 

Decorative lighting.

lighting1In addition to design, you can also use different lighting elements to highlight the aforementioned water features. Switch up your source of lights between strung lights, tiki lamps, and even small rock lights that line the edges of the pond or pool. This allows for flexibility as lighting helps to set whichever mood you aim to create, depending on whether you’re lounging around with family or hosting a variety of events with guests.

Colored structures:

Leaving the standard structures of fencing and decks a neutral color like white, brown, or gray is out of style, and color is officially “in” for 2016. Deep navy blues, olive and forest greens, and even a rich charcoal gray can help to bring about an entirely new look and feel to your yard. If you have children, consider painting a section of the deck or fence with chalkboard paint to allow for creative expression while adding an element of fun to your yard. This feature is sure to be a hit among party guests as well.

Sustainable features:

As society continues to promote “going green” initiatives, many homeowners are opting to incorporate these features into their backyard and home plan designs. Catchment ponds act as auxiliary water sources that allow harvesting of rainwater for various uses, such as watering plants and cleaning around the house. Similarly, rain gardens will also provide solutions for storm water management. To save on electricity, consider incorporating time-control lighting systems that alter the amount of light emitted at certain times of day. Many homeowners are opting to go with solar-powered lighting, not only because it is modern and technologically savvy but also because it both saves on energy costs and reduces environmental impact.

Edible landscaping:

garden landscapersEdible plants, whether herbs, fruits, or vegetables, are not only a delicious, healthy choice to grow in your backyard but an aesthetically pleasing one as well. The range of colors and textures produced by these edible flora will add a vibrancy to the appearance of your yard. They create a focal point and contribute to the uniqueness of your outdoor space. Strategically place these plants throughout the yard, perhaps as a directive lining a pathway, to highlight the areas of importance and draw the eye to your yard’s greatest features.

Seasonal relevance.

Most importantly when designing the perfect, trendy backyard is ensuring it features aspects that are relevant to the season. While sunflowers are beautiful, they are typically associated with the late summer-fall seasons rather than springtime. It’s also more difficult to stimulate the growth of out-of-season flowers and plants. Make sure the flowers and plants in your yard are not only beautiful but seasonally appropriate. Otherwise, the rest of the yard’s features may look out of place or dated.
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