8 home exterior improvements that can help with safety and


Home Exterior Improvements

If you take pride in your home then you want it to look good, inside and out. This is important when you are thinking about making changes to the exterior of your property. But, it’s also important to consider safety and security, and how you can improve them.

If you are thinking about how to improve the exterior of your home, you need to consider your building envelope. This is the barrier between the outside world and the interior of your home, and consists of structures such as walls, the roof and windows. Appearance, safety and security, all need to be taken into account, when thinking about your building envelope, and the overall effectiveness of the exterior of your home. Here are eight improvements that you may want to consider, which can help with safety and appearance.

Keep trees and bushes tidy

This improvement is not hard to do, and it can greatly improve the look of your home, by keeping the area organised and tidy. You also help to protect your property, by cutting back trees and bushes, as there are fewer places where potential home invaders can hide.

Make sure the front door is secure

The front door of your home is an obvious place for unwanted intruders to gain access. If the door is old, and the locks are inefficient, you are putting your home and family at risk. An old, and tattered, front door also looks unattractive. If you cannot afford to replace the door altogether, you should at least fit more effective locks, and re-fresh the paintwork.

Replace or secure windows

The same applies to windows as it does to doors. You need to make sure that they are secure. From the point of view of your building envelope, it’s also a good idea to fit window trim, to improve your home insulation.

Use window stops for added security

Installing a window stop on a window means that it can only open so far. In summer months, this means that you can open the window, to let in some fresh air, without being at risk from intruders gaining access. You do have to make sure that you still have a way of escaping from your home, should a fire break out.

Install outdoor lighting

The installation of outdoor lighting is an obvious way of improving the appearance and security of the exterior of your home. At the very least, it’s a good idea to install motion sensitive lighting, so that you are aware if someone is approaching your home after dark.

Think about the fencing you use

You may think that having a fence between your property and the neighbouring property is good for security. But, this is not necessarily the case. Unless you build a fence or wall that is high enough, and secure enough, to keep people out, you may actually be creating a great hiding place for potential intruders. If you really need to have a fence between your property and the next one, you may want to think about installing a mesh fence which you can see through.

Do no let the mailbox overflow

If you are away from your property, there is a good chance that the mailbox will start to overflow. You should always arrange for a neighbour to take the mail in. You may also want to consider locating the mailbox away from plain sight.

Keep the driveway in good condition

Concrete driveways can be especially susceptible to cracking over the years. It’s important to ensure that cracks and holes in any driveway are repaired as soon as possible, in order to prevent people from tripping and sustaining an injury. Aside from not wanting people to get hurt, you also need to project yourself from a potential lawsuit.

The improvements we have suggested can help to improve the appearance of the exterior of your property, as well as improving safety and security. Hopefully, you have been inspired.

Erin Emanuel