8 Preventive Pest Control Tips for Your Home


Pest Control Tips for Your Home

Pests have been on the rise in Singaporean homes and pest control has become a necessity for people. The issue is not just with the homes but with the people living in them as well, since their health is also detrimentally affected.

The primary method of dealing with infestations that people know of is to call an exterminator to clean out the house. However, homeowners can do more than just that. The following are simple prevention tips that can significantly reduce the chances of an infestation from the start.

Pest Control

Storing Food

Many of us have a habit of storing our food in plastic and paper bags. Pests can easily chew through them. Switching to different containers such as glass or any metal containers is much better. The point is to keep the food in sealed containers that don’t attract any pests and cannot be broken through that easily.

Similarly, it is better to store the food in refrigerators instead of keeping it out in the open for the pests to attack. Other than that, caution can be taken to ensure that any spilled food is cleaned and dirty dishes thoroughly washed as soon as possible.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning on a regular basis can have a massive impact on the chances of an infestation. A few simple things to do would include vacuuming every other day and trying to ensure that there are no cluttered areas in your house which could end up becoming potential nesting places for pests. Garbage should be stored in metal bins since cardboard can easily be chewed through.

Also, rinsing the bins out after each use is equally important. Return any recyclable materials as soon as possible and avoid storing a large amount of them as they can also end up becoming hiding places for pests.

Moisture Checks

Pests require water to survive. Different pests have different uses for it but the overall point is to reduce locations in the house where moisture could accumulate and become a source for pests. Plumbing should be checked every now and then because usually, pipes that are leaking are a major factor in attracting different insects.

One of the prime places for moisture outside the home is the gutter. Ensure that it is not clogged. Furthermore, crawlspaces have a high chance of accumulating moisture in the wood. There is a chance of an infestation if the humidity level in the wood is abnormally high so make it a point to regularly clean such areas of the house.

Covering Up Small Areas

One of the most basic prevention methods, that rarely anyone takes advantage of, is to have house checks on a regular basis. These checks don’t have to be done every day but could be on a quarter-yearly or half-yearly basis.

The point is to examine different areas of the house for cracks, small holes and basically any other place which could be used by pests to enter or leave and sealing them up. This is so important because in cold weathers, insects often look for warm places to take shelter and these areas provide the perfect spots to do so. So, covering those up could prevent them from entering at all.


Many homes have plants and gardens outside, giving the house a natural look. What many people are unaware of is that big plants, that have grown enough to touch different areas of the house, are potentially providing pests with a way in. They do this by acting as a sort of bridge. Furthermore, the use of mulch like pine straw can be a major cause of infestation since such materials serve as a source of shelter for various kinds of insects.

Simple prevention tips would be to keep the length of the plants as short as possible, enough to ensure zero contact with the house and replacing the use of mulch with other materials like rocks or stones in areas that come into contact with your home directly.


Some flying insects are attracted to certain lights that are usually placed outside doors and windows. These lights are commonly the standard mercury vapor lights and the simplest prevention method is to replace these with halogen lights (which have better efficiency as well) or HPS (high pressure sodium vapor) lights.

Furthermore, lights that are tinted specifically in colors such as yellow or orange are considered unattractive to the flying insects so will help out in keeping them away. Also, a simple habit change of placing lights away from the door on the exterior wall will prevent pests from accumulating near the door in the worst-case scenario.

Natural Prevention

There are some plants and substances that act as natural repellents to many types of pests. The geranium flower is not only known for its beauty and other skin benefits but also for its preventive nature.

It can repel various insects like cabbage worms and red spider mites. The citronella geranium, a particularly unique kind of geranium, has proven to be a natural repellent for mosquitoes. Furthermore, mint leaves are known to prevent fleas and can be used in liquid form to prevent fleas entering the home through pets such as dogs. Simply mash the leaves and add them in water. Use the substance as a light spray on the animal’s skin or its bed.


It is important to understand that prevention also involves learning about different pests and how they may enter and ruin both your home and your health. You should be able to identify the signs pointing to an infestation. Only then will you be able to deal with them appropriately.

For example, to recognize a termite infestation, signs would include wings lying around as well as drywalls that are crumbling, small but visible holes in the wood and so on. If you are unable to identify such factors, then you won’t know your house is infested until it’s too late to do anything except call an exterminator. So be mindful of your surroundings and keep yourself informed about pests to prevent them from invading your home.

If all these tips are followed, then the likelihood of an infestation will decrease. If you feel it is too late and you require an exterminator, no need to worry. For residential pest control Singapore, we provide the best extermination services around and hiring us will guarantee that your house is thoroughly cleaned and all the pests are removed.

Erin Emanuel