8 Property Management Tips To Try This Holiday Season

Property management is the supervision, administration, upkeep, and management of the real property and physical properties. This includes residential, business, and vacant land property. Whether you require your private or business property to be managed, it requires commitment and dedication.


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Here are 8 tips regarding property management that you can try this holiday.

Hire a Manager

A property manager or real estate broker is someone or a company in charge of running a residential real estate property for an owner. Managers can also be found in form of an agency such as Rooftop Real Estate Management. Such an agency help manage the property, maintain the buildings, and keep it all running smoothly.

Inspect your Property

The holiday season is also a time where you can take the time needed to inspect your property. The reasons to have a home inspection service include preventing the condition of your building from deteriorating due to neglect or lack of maintenance. You can inspect on your own; however, you may be more at an advantage if you hire experts to do an in-depth inspection for you.

Professional inspectors can identify both current and potential damages that will require your attention. They can also give you the reasons as to why certain damages may be occurring, and the actions that need to be taken to prevent these. Having a thorough home inspection done on your property, may prevent you from repair costs in the future.

Get Homeowner’s Insurance

Hand holding magnifying glass and looking at house model, house selection, real estate concept.If you don’t have homeowner’s insurance, these holidays are the best time to invest in one. This insurance protects the owner’s assets and comes in many forms. Insurance covers for crucial dynamics such as the injury or death sustained by anyone who lives in said home. It also covers property damage, as well as the loss of rental income due to the inability to rent the house out.

Some offer replacement cost coverage which means the price of replacing the item without including any profit made on the sale. However, some insurers consider “wear and tear” to be damage caused by the house itself. That means replacing items like cabinets and desks that have been in place for several years, rather than on the spot when a storm blows through. Other varieties of dangers that may be covered by insurance include fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods.

If you don’t have a home owner’s insurance policy, you can go online and research different companies for quotes. These quotes contain information about the coverage levels and prices from various companies. When comparing, look at the premium cost, as well as the deductible amount. The more money the insurance company invests in claims, the higher the premiums.

Many people are under the impression that they already have home owner’s insurance because their house is on the bank’s property. However, there are cases where you may need a separate home owner’s insurance coverage. If your house is located in a part of town that is prone to flash floods, for example, you will need to purchase flood insurance. You should carefully review your homeowner’s insurance policy to find out exactly what is covered and what is not. This will help ensure that you are protected from any unwanted consequences due to accidents that you might not have been aware of.

Find Tenants

If your property is vacant, you can use the holiday times to find tenants or buyers. In such a situation, you can count on real estate professionals to do the work for you while you enjoy the holidays. These professionals will use the best methods possible to find the right tenants or buyers and get you the best deal possible.

Alternatively, you can advertise your property in the local paper. Potential tenants or buyers will see if there is an open house that they may be interested in. You may also consider attending an open house. Open houses allow potential buyers and tenants to see the property in person and also allow you to meet them.

You can also post signs in areas where there is high traffic. For example, if you own a condo, you may want to post signs on the condo board. It is important to post signs because people are more likely to look at those signs when they are looking for a place to stay. Another method is to use word of mouth. If you live in a small town and there is a local restaurant, you may want to mention this restaurant on your sign because people who live in the area may need a place to eat.

Social media is also a convenient platform where you can find tenants. You can join platforms such as Facebook where you may find local community groups. Advertising your property in these groups is one way of making your property public.

Construct Contracts

If you are in the process of looking for tenants, you need to make sure that you have contracts that will serve your best purpose. A renter’s contract is a legal agreement of the rental, often written, between a landlord and a tenant who want to take temporary possession of a rental property.

Landlords and tenants need to understand what is covered within a renter’s contract. This will help them prevent problems with illegal activity in their rental properties and help avoid eviction and damage lawsuits as a result. It’s also worth taking note that if you’re a landlord and are considering hiring an agent to represent you, be sure to look into the services provided by a reputable rental attorney as well.

Set Rental Prices

The prices that you set for your property depend on several factors. You will have to consider these concerning the profit that you are wishing to strike. You also have to keep in mind that you want to set fair rental rates so tenants would want to continue to stay in your property, without feeling as if they are being short-changed. Let’s look at some of the factors to consider when setting rental prices.

  • Renewal of Lease

You need to consider whether or not a lease will be renewed at the end of the term. If not, the existing rent which is normally the starting point for all rental negotiations becomes the starting point for new negotiations. In this case, it is not uncommon for a new landlord to raise the rent above the acceptable level to renew the lease. This is known as “building maintenance.”

  • Analyze Renting Season

Another important consideration for how to set a rental price for housing is the period to which rent is applicable. If the property market is depressed, and the rents are expected to fall, this may imply that you would have to hold off on some repairs and improvements. Hence, one should consider whether the expected rent is still within the means of the business operations before taking the issue forward.

  • Consider Property Location

Another consideration is how to set a rental prices for housing if the property is in a desirable location. For example, if the property is located in an affluent area, one might expect to earn more rent. This is particularly so if the property has additional amenities such as swimming pools, parks, restaurants, and other facilities. However, if the property is in an area with declining property values, one might have to come up with an amount that is still below the cost of doing business.

A very popular trend is to rent in a part of town that is within walking distance of the nearest hospital. Hospitals tend to charge very high rents because of their limited space, and therefore, people find it cheaper to rent a property near the nearest hospital. This makes sense from the point of view of the tenant and the landlord.

  • Housing Facilities

The next factor that you will have to take into account in terms of how to set a rental price for housing is the facilities included in the house. Some people like to include free cooked meals, maid services, and other similar services.

Be Organised

Property management requires a sense of organization. You need to update all the documents regarding your property and make sure that these are filed. You need to organize the maintenance and repair if needed and keep in communication with tenants at all times. This also needs financial budgeting and planning. This level of organization can become overwhelming which is why it is advised to hire real estate management.

Maintain Good Relations

Tenants sometimes overlook the importance of creating and maintaining relationships with their tenants. Happy tenants may be more motivated to care for your property compared to disgruntled tenants. Here are some tips on how to form healthy relationships with your tenants.

  • Tone and Language

The tone and language that you use when you communicate with your tenants can either make or break the relationship. You should communicate in a business-like manner and avoid using contract language or personal terms.

  • Be Available

You need to be available during the times that the tenants require your attention. You may have to make special plans for your tenants and assign specific days to come over to visit or check on them. Tenants want to know that their landlord cares about them and isn’t simply living in his home. They also don’t want to feel as though they are a burden to you which could cause problems later on.

  • Be Honest

When you attend to queries and concerns on time, your tenants will appreciate your honesty. Don’t leave situations to the last minute and check everything your tenants have used or let out since you last checked in. Have a plan of action when something goes wrong. That can go a long way to building trust in your relationship with your tenants.

  • Place Their Safety First

If tenants feel that you care about their well-being, they will care for your property in return. You need to make sure that you place their safety first by having the property as living-friendly as possible. Open wires, for example, are a hazard not only to your property but to the tenants’ and their lives. Make sure to have all these dynamics are fixed before any tenants move into your property.

  • Be Empathetic

In some cases, empathy is required. Your tenants may have faced a situation that left them in a financial strain. This may mean that in that particular month, your rental payment may be delayed. You should be willing to hear their point of view and use your discretion regarding rental payment. Keep in mind that just as you may sometimes face financial challenges, so do your tenants. You should however use your discretion when it comes to various scenarios.


Property management requires intense dedication and commitment. You may be in a position where you wish to be hands-on with your property this holiday season but you’re too busy to do anything else. You may also be wondering how to learn the ropes of property management. In such cases, hiring a property manager is advised. The expertise of real estate management companies makes the dynamics run smoothly with everything about your property.

Other ways of property managing your property include inspection of the property. You need to be aware of the dynamics that need repair and maintenance. Make sure that you have home owner’s insurance before you find tenants.

If you don’t have tenants on your property and you wish to make a profit, you can explore the various ways of finding them to move into your property. These include print advertising, word of mouth, and social media.

Your contracts need to be efficient to avoid any misunderstandings with your tenants. Make sure to manage your rentals, to be organized, and build a healthy relationship with your tenants.

Erin Emanuel