9 Impressive Reception Desk Design Ideas

A reception desk is the imposing furniture piece that gives life to the reception area. It is essentially the face of the business or company as it will more often than not have the company emblem ingrained in it. It draws attention from all who walk into the lobby. And it will be the place where data and information is shared. It needs to be of appropriate size and length, and have enough working area to satisfy users on either side. Reception desk design ideas are almost infinite and here are a few reception desks ideas to draw inspiration from.


Wood and Metal Reception Desk Design Ideas

Reception desk design ideas

Combining metal and wood in an effortless design, this modern desk incorporates the cold rigidity of steel into the warmth of hardwood. The result is a modern looking desk that stands out in any reception. It provides abundant space under the counter for chair movement. It also offers a wide working area that should more than suffice. A cold steel frame supports the bulk of the desk while the exposed rivet pattern completes the industrial design. It is perfect for a reception whose décor has earthy tones or has extensive use of wood.

Reclaimed Wood Desk

Reception desk design ideas

There is no better accentuating piece for an eco-friendly business than a reception desk made from reclaimed wood. It aligns with the ethos of the company in the most befitting way. Wooden options here range from cherry, maple, and hickory to oak and elm. This desk features a sunken transaction counter made from a single block of wood. The work surface is made from a sheet of steel that is powder coated. The front of the desk features some acrylic accents infused with natural grasses and ferns. This is to give more depth to the design. The beauty with reclaimed wood desks is that they are highly customisable and are almost always custom-designed to client preferences.

Artistic Reception Desk

reception desks ideas

The reception desk has the capacity to become an art installation if the design is anything this creative. For an architectural or graphic design firm this is the kind of desk that exudes confidence. Also, it alludes to an immense aura of creativity and imagination within the company. It sells you to the service before any representatives do. It features heavy use of wood and brass elements that is complemented by the backdrop that features a similar pattern as well as the hanging roof that is equally striking.

Sales Counter and Reception Desk

Reception desk design ideas

Ideally suited for product-oriented businesses, this maple sales counter is perfect for showcasing your products. It features a full display front with sliding glass panels and glass shelves. This counter is perfect for displaying your offerings in a secure way. There is shelving storage on the back that only the receptionist can use. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to shift stores with as it contains all knockdown components. It’s a perfect starter desk for a new business.

Modular Reception Desk Design Ideas

Reception desk design ideas

The principle of ‘less is more’ works perfectly for this seemingly uncomplicated Swedish desk. Modular reception desks work exceedingly well in limited lobby spaces. In such spaces they can be adapted to suit the needs of the reception. In this pristine example, the desk can be used individually or combined to form the most desirable variant. The work top is fixed, and like the rest of the desk, is made from a white laminate material. Its contemporary design is very simple and is adaptable to any office setting.

Wood and Glass Reception Desk

reception desks ideas

Glass and wood work really well together in furniture. And this harmony is suitably represented in this Beauty Touch reception desk. Featuring a highly contemporary design, the desk stands on two solid blocks of wood. The front features a sloping translucent glass panel (can be wooden if desired). The customer counter has a floating design anchored that is anchored by brushed metal. The design is adjustable and can be customized to accommodate multiple work stations, in either a straight or curved design. It is perfect for a service-industry business, like a hotel or beauty parlor.

Lit Reception Desk Design Ideas

Reception desk design ideas

Lit reception desks are perfect for lobbies where natural light barely reaches or is absent altogether. Not only does the lighting increase the brightness, but it also adds sophistication to the area. It is perfect for investment and technology companies as such desks create an ambiance of success and good financial health. This Z1 desk has angular edges and straight lines that exude confidence. The bottom and top intersecting volumes are highlighted in LED lighting and create additional visual interest. There is an ample workstation behind the desk, while below it you can incorporate storage as desired.

Custom Made Reception Desk

Reception desk design ideas

Custom made reception desks ideas are limited only by the imagination. Upon reflecting on your company image and ideals, a fitting design is not hard to come by. If you want to forgo the usual formula for something with a bit more modern aesthetic, atypical design, and imposing stature, this reception desk is a pristine example of the direction you can take. It features neat lines and all wood construction. This desk with its greyish coat favors form over function (it was designed for a startup) as the counter-top space is the only work area. Regardless, it is a testament to the possibility of creating something uniquely suited to your kind of business.

Round Reception Desk Design Ideas

Reception desk design ideas

One that combines both form and function is the round desk design, which eschews angular edges for smooth curves. This kind of design can be as elaborate as needed, and is the ideal way to take advantage of an abundance of space. Round and curved designs can be modular, as in this case, and these can be designed for single or multiple users. Transaction counters need not always be present especially if there is a well-equipped area for clientele. The flowing design is very clean, while the use of contrasting textures adds a striking aesthetic.

A Few Considerations

It is abundantly clear how important the reception desk is. And investing in a good one will go a long way in making your business flourish. Selecting the right might be an arduous process, but you can narrow the right options by making a few considerations:

  • The first is the nature of the business or company. Different industries have different requirements, and this will be reflected in these desks. Hospitals, for instance, need reception desks with multiple work stations to handle more clients, while hotel desks need not be as elaborate.
  • The amount of space similarly matters. It will determine how big or small the reception desk will be. Small spaces should not feel overwhelmed by large furniture pieces.
  • Attention should be paid to how much lighting is available. Natural illumination is always more desirable, and the desk should be uniquely placed to take full advantage of it.
  • The primary function of the desk will also go a long way in helping you pick out the right one. A busy company might need a fully-fledged workstation. It will need enough space to accommodate all paperwork, together with office supplies, stationery, and devices including computers, printers, and desk phones. Reception desks in the service industry are mostly paperless and have minimal requirements when it comes to storage or work areas. In addition, these can be simpler and smaller in design.
  • Styling also matters a lot as it should coincide with the core purpose of the business. A tech company for instance might need a more contemporary desk with more abstract styling. Wood is typically the material of choice due to its availability, workability, and the warmth it bring. Glass and metal options are available as well.
  • The final important consideration to make is whether to buy stock or to have something custom-made. Here, budget comes into play as well as the degree of uniqueness you want your reception to have.

Importance of the reception area

The reception area of a commercial place provides the first point of contact for a customer when they visit the place. It is at this critical point where first impressions are made and it can subconsciously influence how your customers perceive your business.

Designing a perfect reception entails a lot of work. The decor has to reflect the ideals of the company, while the layout has to be both inviting and appealing. The use of the space has to be sensible, so that both the receptionists and the visitors feel comfortable and unrestrained in their interaction.

Depending on the scale of the company, the area can be extravagantly large, if it has a variety of functions. Or, it can be quaint and modest, if it serves a singular purpose. In both cases, there is only one centerpiece and it is the reception desk.

Reception desks can stay with you for many decades and see your business go from strength to strength. Having a sizeable budget for it therefore comes highly recommended. Solid wood will set you back the most while laminate options will be the cheapest. But there is so much in between that you are bound to find a design that meets or exceeds your expectation. If not, what you find can serve as inspiration to have one tailor made just for you.

Erin Emanuel