9 Inspiring Marble Bathroom Designs For A Gorgeous Bathroom

When it comes to adding elegance and class to your bathroom design, marble is the way to go. Marble bathroom designs are in plenty should you go looking, regardless of the size or layout of your bathroom.

Creating your Dream Marble Bathroom

Installing marble in your bathroom requires expertise and you will want professional services for best results. If you are building a new home, or refurbishing an existing one, incorporating marble into the décor is easy. However, you need to depend on some variables to create your dream bathroom by impressive marble bathroom designs. Things you should consider are:

  • your budget
  • the layout of your bathroom
  • how much of it you want
  • the type and coloration of the marble

These 9 marble bathrooms designs will inspire you to incorporate marble in your bathroom décor.


Small Marble Tiles

Marble bathroom designs

The easiest way to add some marble elegance to your small ordinary bathroom is with small marble tiles. There is a huge array of these tiles that will help you go for the best marble bathroom designs you want. These tiles are available in many distinct patterns and shapes, to suite your style. For a modest touch, you can have it installed as a backsplash on you sinks or use it more extensively as in this bathroom. Small marble tiles are ideal for flooring because there is more grout between the tiles. This improves traction when walking on it as polished marble is slippery when wet.

Black Marble Bathroom Designs

Marble bathroom designs

While marble typically comes in white, exploring the different shades that it comes in is best when you are looking for something unique. This bathroom is entirely covered in vein black marble including the shower cubicle. Nickel faucets add nice contrast while the wood vanity with marble top introduces a bit of warmth. It is ideal for someone who is more inclined to darker tones and wants a bathroom that matches their taste.

marble bathroom designs

If black alone is too monotonous for your liking, mixing it up with a brighter marble tile might achieve the balance you might be looking for. The shift from wall to wall is dramatic and the abstract vein pattern of the black marble is full of character. The golden shower also blends well in this décor.

Blue Marble Bathroom

marble bathroom designs

Blue is a befitting color for a bathroom. And it is surprisingly a less common offering for many tile vendors. It is not as cold as pure white marble, but it is elegant enough to bring a striking change to your bathroom, regardless of its size. It is exquisitely executed in this bathroom, in the shower and the walls. The different colored floors and black faucets and cabinet knobs offer a nice contrast. Marble is used in the vanities as well for a complete look.

Marble Bathroom Vanity

marble bathroom designs

A bathroom may not need an entire rebuild with marble when a few accenting pieces will do just fine. This marble counter is intuitively designed to offer the functionality of a vanity and the convenience of inbuilt storage. The solid block offers visual continuity and the steel faucets complete the contemporary design. A large mirror creates the illusion of added space so this fixture can work for small bathroom. The choice of black for the hexagonal floor tiles are also a nice touch.

All Marble Bathroom

Marble bathroom designs

For avid lovers of marble, who have the budget for it, an all marble bathroom is the way to go. The texture and color choices can be chosen based by the overall look you wish to have and how extensive you want the marble to feature. In this example of marble bathroom designs, solid blocks are used for the tub and sinks to create an uninterrupted look. For walls and floor, marble tiles are used as they are more workable. The result might be a bit monochromatic, but it is still contemporary and chic. The brass fixtures add a little bit of color and are instinctively placed to avoid interfering with the style.

White Marble 

marble bathroom designs

This is the quintessential marble bathroom design, and it is easy to see why the look has such a huge following. It is very clean, and with the right vein pattern, the results are quite striking. This wall –to-wall style is not cheap and requires large marble tiles. This makes it ideal for luxury apartments and condominiums. The use of marble can be extended to the countertops, or can be used on the floor and shower surfaces alone as in this bathroom.

Tumbled Marble Design

marble bathroom designs

If you want marble that is warmer looking, the tumbled finish is the best way to go. It provides an authentic rustic touch that works well for small to medium sized bathrooms. It is installed two ways in this bathroom to add a distinct visual style, while remaining true to its overall styling. A travertine countertop is used to keep the design on budget while still blending in overall.

Warm Marble Bathroom

marble bathroom designs

This is one among those marble bathroom designs that will act as an alternative idea if you wish to stick to polished marble but want a warmer look. You need to add wood accents to the bathroom. While the walls, vanity top, and tub and floor are all covered in white marble, the cabinet spaces are designed with wood. The results are decadent as the two colors blend well together.

The dissimilarity of its veins is one of marble’s strengths and works well when installed as subliminally as this. The fixtures should always match the styling, and in this case, the silver, used across the faucets and cabinet handles feels just right.

Grey Marble Bathroom

marble bathroom designs

Marble tiles of even color and size do work well for baths with limited space. Colors, such as grey, are neutral and allow for the addition of other creative elements. This bathroom includes a recess in the wall next to the bathtub. And it not only offers a functional space for your soaps and washes, but it’s also an opportunity to personalise the bathroom to reflect your personality. These little additions add character to the bath that would otherwise look uninteresting with its wall to floor monotone marble.

Get creative with the patterns and shapes instead of settling for the conventional rectangular. Herringbone, basket weave, and arabesque are some of the shapes you should explore to see if they match your preferences. Similarly, make sure you go for the finish that works best for you. If your bathroom tends to get wet a lot, you can go for the honed finish instead of the polished one. The polished finish will offer better traction. Or, you use non-slip mats.

Why do you need to focus on your bathroom design?

A bathroom provides a needed escape from the routine hassles of day to day. It’s not just a place for performing ablutions, but it is also a secluded space to unwind, destress, and reenergize. It cannot be stated enough just how revitalizing a purposeful shower, or soak in the tub can be in reorganizing thoughts and generating a feeling of well-being. Because it is a place of privacy, a bathroom design is focused more on function, rather than form, and the results are often underwhelming. This should not be the case as a well thought-out bathroom adds so much value to a home.

Why Marble?

Marble has been used extensively in history in sculpture work and in construction, and its use continues to this very day. It is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock and it comes in many varieties depending on where it is sourced from. Pure white marble is very desirable and is the most popular among the wealthy, but it is rare and pricey as marble naturally contains impurities that gives it a veiny appearance.

Marble is also a little more delicate than other stones, as it is not scratch resistant, is porous, and can be degraded by acidic substances. That is where the shortcomings end. It requires little in the way of maintenance. Marble is heat retardant, highly versatile and is very stunning. It is the aesthetic qualities of marble that make it so alluring. In addition, for these qualities it is regarded as a symbol of status and refined taste.

Important things you should know

  • As marble is naturally porous, the sealer will ensure that spills and stains don’t etch into the stone
  • When caring for marble tiles, extra caution should be exercised
  • Any cleaning solutions used should have a neutral PH and should ideally be without soap
  • Bleach is discouraged as it can cause damage

Your expenditure will be worth it as marble will last a couple of decades when a good sealer is used. Should you ever decide to sell your home, marble bathrooms will attract more prospects.

Erin Emanuel