A Homeowner’s Concrete Guide to Floor Resurfacing

Planning a home renovation project takes a lot of considerations. Begin with your floors. Anchored to a home’s foundation is how well built the flooring is. One of the many questions every owner asks is how much a concrete floor repair costs. In terms of design, what patterns and material will fit right in the pockets?

Concrete Guide to Floor

The average cost for concrete resurfacing your interior and exterior floors ranges from $300 to $400 per 100 square foot. You can set your repair requirement to a less expensive or a high-end one.

Know about concrete resurfacing, costs, hiring professional contractors, and DIY tips in today’s post. All you need to know ahead!

What count for your cost: Design, Material and Time and Money

You’ll get down to your home renovation project’s cost when you get it all figured out. It means that you must decide on your flooring design, the material of your choice, the time of your installation, and the area size.

Or it can also be vice versa. Where you already have a budget allotted for everything. Then you need to adapt the design and choose materials and methods that fit your bill.

Below are factors you first need to check how they will fit your budget.

1- Assess your floors

First and foremost, you must identify how the flooring is going. For example, you might need to apply for a significant repair, or maybe you see minor damages, but you want to upgrade its design.

If you are living in or near OC, then concrete resurfacing is your best bet. In such areas, property owners hand over the house to a relative. This act makes way for sustainable housing. The purpose is to preserve the property’s original form, not throwing any solid materials away. Instead, they have it restored, repolished, and redesigned.

After you assess, there you’ll be able to pin down the method to use for your flooring upgrade. Resurfacing your home’s concrete floor is more effective to surface with minor damages.

If the concrete flooring is too old and dilapidated, restoration might not work anymore. That is the time that you will need a replacement. Number two will show you what’s next.

2- Flooring Treatment

Now that you assess the floor’s present condition, you can choose the best way to upgrade it. Here’s a quick preview of the different methods to treat the floors.

  • Resurface with stamped concrete patio in your backyard floors
  • Applying concrete driveway sealers or pool deck coatings Houston to the outdoor steps
  • Staining the massive floors among commercial spaces
  • Applying concrete floor coating such as epoxy sealers for an improved non-skid surface
  • Resurfacing decorative concrete patios with clear floorcoatings or e[poxy sealers for custom patterns and adding up surface texture to existing slab

Choosing the flooring treatment goes hand in hand with a design choice, flooring material, and finishing method.

3- DIY or Professional Flooring Installer

Even though you will not need to replace the entire flooring with resurfacing, you still need the experts. However, Resurfacing can be a fun DIY option for you. It sounds even more exciting knowing that you won’t pay labor fees when you do it yourself.

But your concrete resurfacing cost does not only count your monetary resources. Your time and schedule also play a big part in your budgetary pie.

Stuck if you should go for DIY or go to the pros? The following process will help you decide who should do your resurfacing:

  • Take accurate measurement of your flooring area
  • Applying necessary repairs – how much damage exists on the floor
  • Preparing the concrete mix and materials
  • Installing the concrete overlays with precision and accuracy
  • Evenly pour and spread the concrete mix for a seamless result\
  • Application of the concrete floor sealer
  • Finishing

4- Maintenance Cost

The fourth and final in this list is maintenance. Your overall cost does not end when the floors are installed. You must think ahead. What will maintenance require? Are you sure that you can handle repairs yourself? It could also help that you get in touch with a professional flooring contractor who can offer you installation with a repair plan.

It is okay if you are still figuring out the flooring material and design. If you skipped the first items and found this last tip, then you can go over the process once again.

Think of maintenance if you feel that you will require more work in the future with other materials, then try concrete resurfacing. Local professionals of concrete floors in Orange County attests to durability and a lasting polished surface even with little to no maintenance.

All Things Considered

Props to you who indeed finished until the last part of this post. It means you, as a homeowner, are serious about making a wise decision. Of course, you want the best for your homes. Concrete resurfacing is cost-efficient either way you go about it, DIY or with the pros. All in all, the process adapts to the user’s preference, especially when counting the cost.

Erin Emanuel