AC System Installation Tip: Why System Sizing Is Important

There are several reasons why the size of your air conditioning system is important.  This article will discuss a few of those reasons, and hopefully aid in the selection of an air conditioning unit that is the appropriate size for your home.

AC System Installation

We often hear the term “Bigger is Better.”  However that is not always true when it comes to air conditioning systems.  If the air conditioning unit is too large for the amount of space that it is required to cool, it will often use an excessive amount of energy and in actuality be less effective.  Also, since air conditioners work to omit humidity and heat from a room, a unit that is too large will cool the room quickly, but only omit some of the humidity, leaving the room feeling damp and uncomfortable.  A unit that is the correct size for the space will omit the correct amount of humidity from the space and replace it with a comfortable temperature. On the other hand, an air conditioning unit that is too small for the space can also use too much energy, as it will be overexerting itself in an attempt to cool the space, although it will be unable to.  This will leave you with a high energy bill and a room that seems to never cool off.

Most appliances have an Energy Star Rating located on them, which is also an important factor in choosing which size to install.  While it is typical that the smaller the air conditioning unit is, the smaller the energy bill, the Energy Star Rating also factors in as well.  Not all smaller units are as efficient as some larger or mid-size units.  The Energy Star Rating is located on air conditioning units that meet the strict energy efficiency guidelines set up by the Environmental Protection Agency to insure that the products work in an efficient manner.  Choosing one of these air conditioning units means that you are purchasing a unit that will have a longer lifespan due to it’s efficiency.

When considering the size of the air conditioning unit you will need for your space, determine the square footage of the space and bring this information with you to the manufacturer or store where you are purchasing the air conditioning unit.  The representative should be able to help you determine the size that you will need for your space.  There are also charts available to help you calculate the size you need on your own as well.

Remember, when choosing an air conditioning unit, size is very important to the efficiency of the unit. It is best to choose the perfect size for your space so that the unit will use less energy and extend its’ lifespan.  The size of an air conditioning unit is often and important but overlooked factor in choosing the most efficient unit for your home, so remember to choose wisely and you will avoid problems with your unit in the future.

Author Bio: Clark Morrill is a guest blogger for the past two years, he works with Air Conditioning experts like Cliff Bergin as a professional business consultant.

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