How to Accessorize a Small Bathroom with Style

When having a small bathroom, one must think about smart space saving, creating an illusion of a larger room and using colors that will open up the atmosphere and create a feeling of freshness. Therefore, besides the pure functional touches, a good bathroom also has to be stylish and well decorated. Accessorizing your small bathroom the right way, and creating a luxurious feel, is simple and possible even with a tight budget. Here are some great accessories that you can add to your bathroom at any time.


Towel Rails, Rings & Racks

Towels rings and racks are simply practical when it comes to bathroom organization. You barely see any bathroom without them. The best place for a towel ring is next to the vanity. As for the towel racks, place them next to the shower or bathtub, in your hands reach. Additionally, having a towel rail right next to your bathtub or a shower and a towel ring beside the sink is very functional and practical. By choosing a nice, chromed rail and ring would certainly look luxurious in your bathroom. Also, there are professionally designed and crafted heating towel racks that can fit to your bathroom design, match any style or color and keep your towels warm during the cold winter days. Be careful when you chose your towel rails because the come with 1 or 2 years of guarantee depending on the manufacturer.


Vanities, Shelves & Medicine Cabinets

By choosing the right shelves, you achieve optimal storage space and greater convenience. Spaces over the door, above the toilet, next to the window or beside the tub, are great places for adding a vanity, shelf or medicine cabinet. In this way, you will minimize the clutter and take advantage of underused areas. Take out everything out of your cabinets and drawers, and leave only necessary things and bathroom essentials. Bathroom space is perfect for decorative, wall-hung or small floor shelves, where you could place your towels or hygiene products. As for the vanities and sinks, there are different types you need to consider. They include wall mounted sink, pedestal sink, vessel sink and vanity, framed sink drop-in sink, under-mount sink, and cabinet style vanity.


Get a large mirror and mount it above the vanity or sink. It will reflect the light and spread it around the room, and increase visual space. A large round mirror with interesting frames is always a great choice. Try to add two rectangular mirrors, or a grouping of smaller mirrors, leaving a small portion of space between them. It will look compelling, while still reflecting your head and torso. On the other hand, you can also try to make your old mirror more stylish by simply adding a decorative frame cover for achieving a classy and chic look. Inspiration is everywhere, you can even get amazing ideas just by looking at Sydney bathroom renovations showrooms. Remember, since you won’t have enough place for two mirrors, go with the one that you will use when you wash your face, or shave. A full length mirror should definitely go next to your wardrobe, where your clothes are. Therefore, do not exaggerate.


Floor Rugs

Rugs on bathroom floors are gaining in popularity. There are stores that offer rugs in a great variety of patterns, smooth fabrics, warmth, and colors, for creating a cozy feeling for your feet. They are washable, functional, and stylish. They come in various materials such as bamboo, polyester, and cotton. Cotton can wear out fast if you do not keep your bathroom floor dry. The next option is bamboo. Although it is a durable material, it is not as soft as cotton. If your bathroom has a lot of people coming in and out, go for the polyester rug since it is the most durable. Do not fall just for the design and color. Every bathroom rug has to possess high slip resistance. This is achieved if the rug is lined with either anti-skid material or rubber.

Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are good because they add a splash of color and liven up the bathroom, create the illusion of height and can make your bathroom look luxurious. Mount the curtain rod near the ceiling for a more extravagant look. Instead of traditional shower curtain, you can use a curtain panel.

Decorative Accessories

You can create your own eclectic bathroom style with nice decorative accessories like wall artwork, small cupboards, old tissue boxes, pretty soaps and beautiful plants (real or silk) that would slick up your bathroom. This is where your inner DIY comes into place. Pinterest has many options for creating your own luxurious crafts, all you need to do is buy the material and follow the instructions.

Final word

The key to decorating a small bathroom lies in knowing when to stop. If you feel like there are many things and the space feels crowded, you are doing it wrong. Focus first on the necessities, and then move on to the overall appeal. And don’t forget to enjoy in accessorizing!

Erin Emanuel

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  1. If you think that your small bathroom does not need decoration, then you are wrong. You can still design the bathroom to meet the level of comfort and luxury you desire. Check on various designs available for your small bathroom and choose the one that catches your eye.

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