Is your family growing? Why you should extend your home, not move

Growing kids need more space to carry out their ever increasing activities and by the passage of time a small room may not be the best place for your kids to grow up, a limited space in the house can really affect their activities. You may want to start a home business or your parents may be moving back to your home, this may not always be the reason for limited space in the house, there can always be hundred different reasons where you experience shortage of space.

benefits of home extension

People facing such conditions usually choose to move to some other place but is it the always the best choice? No, it isn’t. Your answer lies in home extension. In every case the home extension proves to be the ideal option.

Everybody definitely develops a relation with the place and a lot of memories are associated with the home, you also become really familiar with the environment and moving from a place to another place may not be easy for you our family, both emotionally and economically. Moving to a new place has its own challenges; you can face a lot of difficulties in hunting for a new place.

Grown up persons always find it easier to settle in a new place but children doesn’t always fit in the new place right away. Small kids and children usually become emotionally attached with their home and surrounding, it is not a good option to move to completely new place in a completely different and new neighborhood. You might have to change the school due to the new locality. And all these factors point in one direction, that is Home Extension.

Home extension is by far the best option to consider if you face a situation. You’ll be surprised by the costs involved in moving home. They include:

  • Estate agency fees
  • Solicitors’ fees (search fees)
  • Stamp duty
  • Removals costs
  • Survey Fees
  • Cost of decorating

Benefits Of Home Extension:

The choice to add an extension to your house is depends on a very important factor, do you have the available land adjacent to your property for extension? If you are lucky then a house extension is more viable option as compared to relocating. The biggest and unparallel advantage is that you don’t have the move, and therefore, you are safe from the real estate agents and mortgage headache. You don’t need to sell your property and you are safe from all the hectic procedures of finding a new one that suits your lifestyle.

home extension

Home extension will not only increase the living space but also raise the value of home in monetary terms. Home extension is the best way to save huge amount of money and time. It works as one time investment in the same property to cherish your memories and to create happy moment of your lifetime. The fact that somehow we all are attracted to the place because we had spent a long span of time in that particular space that keeps our emotions attracted to our house.

Erin Emanuel