How to Give Your Bathroom the Makeover it deserves (On a Budget You can afford)

How to Give Your Bathroom the Makeover it Deserves (On a Budget You can Afford)Bathroom remodeling projects can get expensive very quickly. Between tiles and plumbing, the projects can be lengthy, complicated, and costly. But here are some fantastic ways to give your bathroom a budget-friendly makeover. If your bathroom is in serious need of some TLC, take a look at the following projects that will help you give it the makeover it needs, on a budget you can afford.


The Little Things

If you can’t spend the big bucks to completely remodel your bathtub or put new wallpaper on the walls, think about the little things you can do to get your bathroom into prime condition. New towels in a fresh color can brighten up your bathroom, and there are many affordable options at discount stores. Try a basket to keep toiletries organized and out of sight, or a new shower curtain to replace your dingy old one. These ideas are low cost but can make your bathroom look great, fast. If you really want to bring the look together, choose a color scheme and implement it throughout the room so that everything complements each other.

Go Halfway

Instead of ripping out your shower and replacing the entire thing, buy a new showerhead that will improve your water pressure, and invest in a professional deep cleaning that will make your existing shower sparkle. Instead of a whole new sink, get a modern-looking faucet to improve the look. A brand new toilet seat instead of the chipped one you have now is another way to get a new look and feel in your bathroom without going all the way and investing in a costly renovation. According to the Cincinnati plumbers at Midwestern Plumbing Service, you can get a lot of bathroom fixtures and hardware for reasonable prices at your local home improvement store, so you don’t need to tear the whole place apart to get an updated look.


Although a bathroom is mostly a “utility” room, it can help the look by infusing a little personality and style into the décor. A new paint job or some wallpaper that creates an accent wall will brighten up an outdated bathroom. Replacing the mirror will make the space feel larger, and gives you endless possibilities for adding personality to the place. Whether you invest in wall décor, or add small personal touches, be sure to incorporate the décor into your makeover plans. With all of the DIY projects and tutorials available today, there are endless inexpensive ways to decorate the bathroom and bring the look up to date.


Incorporating great storage into your bathroom is a good way to improve the look and functionality of your existing space. Instead of shoving towels into a cabinet under the sink, try a towel rack leaning against the wall, or some high shelving close to the ceiling that won’t look too cluttered. A basket for assorted cosmetics on top of the back of the toilet is a good way to keep everything organized. Make the most of any storage you have under the sink or in a medicine cabinet.


One of the most important parts of any bathroom is lighting. You’ll appreciate having a bright and well-lit space. Buy a vanity mirror with special lighting to create a great glow. Ceiling fixtures will light the whole space, instead of wall sconces that might create uneven lighting. This is an easy way to spruce things up by making your bathroom bigger and brighter without spending too much. Lighting fixtures in all styles can generally be found at your local home improvement store for reasonable prices.

Consider these five bathroom makeover suggestions for wallet-friendly tips to make your bathroom better than ever. By improving the look and feel of your existing space, you can give your bathroom a real upgrade and still stay within your budget.

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