Eight Affordable Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Hotel Room

Every time you spend a night in a five-star hotel room, don’t you feel as if you’ve never slept better?  Whether it’s the bed, the decor, or the aroma, a hotel room never fails to provide the luxury experience you crave for every day.

bedroom-like-hotel-ideasWith a little effort and investment, you can recreate that five-star experience in your bedroom and live a luxurious life every day. Here are eight affordable ways you can make your bedroom feel like a hotel room:


Refresh Your Bed

The bed in a hotel bedroom is, undoubtedly, its best part. If you want to recreate that feeling, you should start nowhere else other than your own bed. For starters, you should start with a fresh set of high-quality cotton bed sheets that are laundered and pressed. When choosing your bedsheets, focus on the touch and feel of the fabric and iron it with a linen spray filled with scented essential oils, such as rose or lavender. 

Additionally, if you’re investing in new bedsheets, you should also invest in a comfortable, top-quality mattress that’ll give you your most peaceful sleep yet. Using the best mattress for your bed is bound to provide you with an uninterrupted sleep that’ll give you the five-star hotel experience every day without spending a dime.

Tone It Down With The Colours

While choosing the right paint color is crucial for every room in your house, it’s as vital as ever for your bedroom. If you’re aiming to create a relaxing feel in your room, then a neutral palette is the way to go. Neutral colors in your bedroom lead to calm moods and will relax you instantly.

If you’re confused about which colors to start with, creamy white or soft beiges and blues are always a good place to start. The colour palette should also extend beyond your walls to your upholstery and drapery to create a peaceful environment where you can escape the clutter and noise of the day.

Focus On The Small Luxuries

Have you ever heard of the saying “The beauty is in the details”? The tiny details play a huge role in making you feel like you’re living in a five-star hotel bedroom. For starters, you can add a beautiful jug of water and glass (bonus: add detox water) on the bedside table and add a sound machine to the room. Additionally, you should also lay out magazines on the coffee table and add beautiful hangers to your closet. 

Invest In Scented Candles

scented-candlesWhile scented candles have the potential to burn a hole in your pocket, even a high-quality small one can burn for a long time. The scents should ideally vary according to the season. For instance, opt for floral or citrus scents during the spring and firewood or sandalwood scents during the winter. You should skip pillar candles from the average shop and go over to the designer section where you can find heavenly-scented candles which, while expensive, will last you the entire season.

Don’t Forget To Add Your Touch

While you aim to create a five-star experience in your bedroom, don’t forget what makes the bedroom yours. Make the bedroom as cozy as you want add the personal touches that add personality to your bedroom. While you should still keep the bedroom simple, you can curate those personal aspects carefully and add fun touches that give you a boost every time you wake up in the morning. 

Every room needs a spot that brightens up the entire room, whether it’s decor, flowers, art, or even photos. Choose objects that make you happy and match them to the overall scheme, so the room doesn’t feel cluttered.

Add Fresh Flowers

This is perhaps the simplest way to make your bedroom look and feel fancy: add fresh flowers. While adding fresh flowers and greenery to every room in your house may be too much to maintain, the bedroom and kitchen should definitely have a vase of fresh flowers. You don’t necessarily need to spend on an expensive bouquet; in fact, the simpler the set, the better. 

To make this aspect affordable, you should stick to one kind of flower that’s in season and add a small amount of bleach to the water to kill any bacteria. Opt for florals that are gentle on the nose, such as peonies, hyacinth, or garden roses.

Don’t Underestimate The Lighting

Picture yourself in a hotel room and notice all the different sources of light in the room. Apart from the main lights in the bedroom, a hotel room often contains overhead lights, a table light at the desk, and wall sconces next to the bed. These different lights complement each other to create a combination of rooms and serve different functions. 

Lighting is a vital aspect to your room, and the best of designs can be messed up with incorrect lighting. To get it right, you should focus on the fixture and the effect you want to create with the lighting. Additionally, lights that can be adjusted and dimmed are ideal for your bed area, while a bright lamp for your desk area works best. Consider every function your bedroom is intended to serve and add lights accordingly.

Follow The Hotelier Secret

Triple sheeting is a hotel secret that instantly boosts your bedroom experience. By layering a thin comforter or blanket between two starched bed sheets, you’ll easily be able to create a bed that’s clean and crisp. You don’t need to launder the comforter as often, and this trick ensures you won’t need a duvet cover anymore. 

To incorporate this trick, use top-quality sheets and tuck everything in tightly. Add a soft blanket or throw pillow for the most luxurious experience.

Everybody deserves to feel relaxed and comfortable. If you have any suggestions on any other ways to make your bedroom feel like a hotel room, sound off in the comments below!

Erin Emanuel