Shut Down Air Conditioning System? Try these 3 Solutions

When the summer heat arrives, we all wish to be as cool as can be. To achieve this, home owners must have a properly functioning air conditioning system. However, this is not always the case. Many times, air conditioners are turned on for the very first time of the summer season and they end up not functioning properly. If you have an AC meltdown, it is essential that you know how to cover basic problems. This way, you will not have to worry about calling someone to come and repair your unit. Below are three options that you can try to repair a system that has shut down before calling in the pros.

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The AC Unit Will Not Turn On

If your unit will not turn on, you have a few options for checking the unit before contacting the professionals. One option is to check the thermostat and check and see if the fan is set towards the On position with the Cool option selected. This may seem like an obvious checkpoint, but many forget this simple option. You can also check the circuit breaker to see if a breaker has been tripped. This is also a common problem. Another option is to ensure there is power going to the unit. Be sure to check all power sources to ensure that the problem is not something that can be easily repaired by you, the home owner.

Low Refrigerant Levels

One reason your air conditioning system may not be working is the refrigerant levels. The unit does not use refrigerant during the cooling process so if you find that the unit is not working the refrigerant charging may have fallen due to the fact that the coils may have surface damage. If the coils have corroded or have been punctured in some manner, the leak will need to be fixed. A technician will need to be called to repair the leak and refill the refrigerant levels.

Compressor Overheating

Another reason the unit may not be working is a compressor that is overheating. The compressor can overheat if there are blockages in the airflow as well as overworking. When this happens, the unit can be greatly affected. A professional will need to come in and assess the issue if this is the problem. The compressor must not overheat or it will not work properly.

Most times, it is best to leave the problems to the professionals. If you do not have a regular HVAC contractor, find a local company who is willing to give you a free inspection. This way, you determine the problem with your air conditioning system and then determine the cost. A free in-home estimate is the best way to find out the price of your unit repair before you spend any money.

Once the unit has been accessed, you can then have the unit repaired. In no time, your air conditioning system will be back on track and ready to provide you with cooling comfort for the entire summer season. Contact your local provider today to avoid shut down of your AC system.

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