Amish furniture

So you want to buy furniture for your new home. It’s just a few chairs, tables, and probably two beds. How difficult can buying furniture be, right? Except, it is not as easy as it sounds when you consider all the things that you need to keep in mind, right from the prices, designs, to quality. Looking for the perfect blend of quality and class that comes at a super affordable price? Amish furniture is the answer to all your furniture worries. With quality craftsmanship and customized designs, this furniture is what you need to make your home earn all the praises from friends and family. The following are a few of the reasons why Amish stands out from the rest with its quality products.

Amish furniture


Superior construction techniques

Handcrafted furniture can any day hold its own against the mass-manufactured ones thanks to its classic lines, solid construction, and precisely put in detailing. Trusting Amish craftsmen to make your furniture means you are investing in a time-honored tradition of quality and excellence. They know how to accommodate the changing properties of wood, and thus, when you buy handcrafted furniture from Amish, you can be assured that it will sturdily serve its purpose for years to come.

Go green with hardwood furniture

Being eco-friendly and going green might be the buzzwords now but Amish craftsmen have been following it since forever. They use naturally strong material like cherry and hickory and know how to respect these materials in their work so that the natural brilliance shines through. The finishes are kept low VOC, free from undue stains of paints, and formaldehyde-free.

Best finished products in the industry

The heirloom furniture made by Amish is the perfect functional everyday products that you can use to adorn your bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, kitchen, and more. Basic lacquers are an absolute no-no when it comes to Amish furniture as it is something that is going to pass on from one generation to another and not something that you only buy for a few seasons. The finish on the products makes it resistant to low heat, moisture, and a range of household cleaners.

You as a part of designing process

Each piece of the furniture is made-to-order specifically for you. So, the furniture that you will have in your home is something that is matchless. Right from size, wood selection, hardware, finishes, to add-on features, everything is made just the way you want it. The kind of hardwood you ask to use will deliver a unique grain to your furniture and give it a personal touch.

Furniture that is easy to maintain and care

Given the fact that the furniture is made from the premium quality material, it will improve as it ages instead of going dull as years pass! Just an occasional polishing and simple dusting and, it is good to go. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that being natural wood products, these cannot be exposed to direct sunlight.

Erin Emanuel