[Infographics] Annual Home Maintenance: Spread It Out & Protect Your Wallet

When you bought your home, you were thrilled and filled with excitement. You dove head first into the updating your home to your taste.

Maybe it was right away, maybe it was a few weeks or so later when you finally had time to breathe, the first problem arises.

Was it the furnace? Or was it the air condition, hot water heater or one of the expensive home appliances?

What every it was, there is always a feeling of despair when you have an unexpected home repair. Especially when it’s your new home.

Everything in the house has a finite life expectancy, but if you perform regular home maintenance, you can not only save yourself the headaches and cost of an unexpected repair, you can actually increase the life span of your home equipment, appliances, and systems.

By keeping up on your house’s maintenance, you will have time to for that home improvement project your have been wanting to start. Or you will have the money to hire a local and affordable handyman.

Instead of trying to do home maintenance all at once, spread it out and prioritize it by the season. Here is a nice visual checklist of tasks you can do each season to help keep your repairs at bay and allow you to focus on the important things of life and enjoy your home.


Spring Home Maintenance

Everyone does spring cleaning, some of use even love it.

After being cooped up indoors during the winter months, don’t you just love opening the windows and letting the fresh air in. I don’t know what it is, but the weather just makes the cleaning that much more enjoyable.


Summer Maintenance

Enjoying the sun with a backyard BBQ’s or heading to the beach is a welcome relief during the summer months.

It is easy to let your guard down and let fun come between you and your home maintenance. Stay diligent during the hot months of summer and don’t neglect your home maintenance with these tasks.

Summer Home Maintenance

Fall Maintenance

If you live where you have an obvious change of seasons, it can be a beautiful time of the year. It is also a nice transition before the cold months of winter come. Take advantage of the nice weather during the fall so you don’t get behind on your maintenance schedule leading into winter.


Winter Maintenance

Winter can be down right drab. Especially during those really hard winters with snow storm after snow storm. The last thing you want now is a surprising home repair.

While you need to keep up with the outside by shoveling and salting, don’t forget to take advantage of the time inside and get some other home maintenance done.

Winter Home Maintenance

Erin Emanuel