Are Linen Duvet Covers Worth it?

Anytime you want to give your bedroom an elegant and livelier look, linen bedding is always the first choice. Many homeowners prefer linen and some have been using it for more than 20 years. From the ancient Egyptians who manufactured linen clothing to the modern brands who feature linen in their classiest clothing, linen is a luxurious fabric. Also, looking at the top hotels and celebrities, many have embraced linen because it appeals both aesthetically and practically, which makes it a must-have in your bedroom.

And in your bedroom, you’ll need the perfect mattress to get a restful night’s sleep. The best sheets will ensure you remain comfortable during your sleep, while a duvet cover provides both design and comfort aspects to ensure you enjoy your sleep. Linen duvet covers are designed with comfort, beauty, and durability in mind to ensure they decorate your bedroom while serving you for longer.


What you should know about linen?

It’s no secret that linen is loved and trusted by millions of homeowners to give their room a perfect and inviting charm. With linen duvets, you will slide into your bed and enjoy a beautiful and comfortable sleep until the morning. It is a natural, elegant, and durable fabric that can last for over two decades. Besides being durable, linen is comfy and super soft to your skin. It’s the best décor aspect for your room, and though it has a minimalistic look, it lasts for years.

Differences between Linen and cotton and other fabrics

Well, if you are wondering how linen compares to cotton, then know that both are natural fibers. Linen is extracted from the flax plant and is stronger and thicker than the cotton plant. But the source of the material and its production affect the duvet cover quality and price.

Also, cotton removes moisture from your skin and retains its; this can lead to the accumulation of bacteria. Linen, on the other hand, dries faster and is hypo-allergenic, which enables you to remain comfortable all night.

Linen also comes with more open weaving, which increases its breathability. It’s also lighter than cotton and is cooler when touched. But unlike cotton, it’s of low elasticity, stronger, softer, and long-lasting, making it an all-time choice.

Why Linen is Expensive?

Linen is fine jewelry; linen is a precious material that is very expensive. For starters, growing it and processing linen is expensive compared to cotton and other fabrics. The extraction of linen takes longer as the fiber is hidden in the stalks of the plant, which takes a long time to remove. Besides, the fibers are inelastic and can easily break down during processing due to tension. Therefore, the extraction machines have to operate at lower speeds to ensure maximum efficiency while reducing wastage.

The growing process is also selective as it requires the best soil and climate conditions for it to thrive. This makes it an expensive option. However, linen lovers will admit that it lasts longer than other options. Besides, it improves as it gets older, and though they are crisper when new, they will become more luxurious and softer after each washing session. But despite their price, they wrinkle easily and often compared to other fabrics such as cotton.

Can you iron linen duvet covers?

Many people who love linen including me love their appearance. They have an awesome and incredible look and it is ideal for any parent who loves waking up to a beautiful looking bed. The beautiful appearance of linen has made it an accessory in the most luxurious duvet covers, tablecloths, clothing, and more.

Besides, you can iron it while it’s damp but read the manufacturer’s washing instructions first. Though many equate its crinkles to roughness, but that’s not always the case. The cheap linens can be very soft, but the highest quality items can be washed with low heat and ironed before being spread on your cozy bed.


Duvet covers are one of the incredible sets that will help you extend the life of the duvet or comforter. These sets will transform your bed or improve the warmth if you’re using a thick cover. Choose your favorite linen duvet cover today and enjoy a blend of comfort and elegance.

Erin Emanuel