Are Plastic Bags the Central Problem of the Global Warming?

Since the increased media around global warming scientist have suggested a range of ways we can help planet earth. Plastic bags have been painted as a huge culprit in this problem, however, it is naïve of us to think that merely cutting use of a simple household item is the fix to this problem. The British government introducing the 5p charge is a great move in the right direction – but plastic bags are not the heart of the problem. There are much larger contributors to Global Warming in which time could be invested to create a more sustainable solution to the problem which risks the world.

Check out these reusable plastic bags which is a small change everyone can make to put in our two pence in terms of helping the Earth, but real changes need to be made by every country’s government to make a real change. Plastic bags are not the heart of the problem. An example of a real problem which is overlooked in this problem is pollution levels in cities around the world. Every city has a pollution output limit which they need to stay within during the year. In 2018 London crossed the limit within the first month during the year, this is an improvement on the 2017 limit which London breached within 5 days! It is important that more research is done into problems such as these to create a real cure for global warming. The fact London hit the limits so quick shows that there is a lot of neglect towards this issue. Once the limit had been crossed, the people in charge of the city had no limit to how much pollution they were pumping into the atmosphere – it’s not fair on the public who are breathing this in without realising. Just adding a 5p charge on plastic bags is not a solution to our problem.

Moreover, most big organisations have introduced recyclable plastic bags which is a good step in the right direction. This cuts down a huge part of the problem because it means a lot less rubbish is going into landfills. But there are a range of other plastics and non-plastics which we are throwing away which can be recycled. Firstly, clothing should never be thrown away because it can be passed onto the less fortunate! Donating clothes to charity is such a good deed in itself but the fact it also prevents clothing going into landfills is also a great advantage. Secondly, reducing the use of vehicles on the road is also key to cutting down emissions.

There is a lot more to be done, and more that the government needs to highlight to the public to help reduce the effects of Global Warming. We all need to take responsibility for the earth and do what we can to reduce the problem. Plastic bags are a good step forward, but they are not the heart of the problem. This alone will not fix Global Warming.

Erin Emanuel