5 Reasons to get an artificial lawn this summer

Summer is around the corner, for many home owners this means an increase on in water bills from turning on the sprinklers and hosing the garden to prevent your lush green lawns from drying out in the scorching Australian summer days. There’s also the weekly task of keeping the grass tidy as well as worrying about keeping the yard looking neat and tidy whilst the family is away on holiday.

Artificial grass summer

Fortunately, the improvement in the quality of synthetic turf today means installing an artificial lawn could prove to be a cost-cutting and time-saving investment for your property in the long run. Not convinced?

Here are five reasons to get an artificial lawn this summer:


1. No need to mow the lawn

Are you sick of having to get the lawn mower out every weekend? Sure, you could get the kids to do it for you, but why not take the chore out of your weekly to do list completely by installing an artificial lawn.

Some initial preparation may be required. Any existing dead lawn will need to be removed and a compacted rubble base installed to provide a suitable base to install for the turf. If you are not able to do this yourself, contact experienced professionals who will examine your existing garden first before deciding on the best course of action that will suit your unique requirements.

2. Lawn stays green and lush all year-round

Save for the occasional ‘brushing’ with a broom to create the appearance of thick, lush grass, the clear benefit of installing fake grass is having a lush green lawn all year-round, without the time-consuming upkeep usually required to keep the grass alive.

If you are prone to allergies you’ll no longer have to worry about getting itchy skin from contact with grass blades, and hay fever sufferers in the house will not have to worry about grass pollen that is usually released when cutting grass.

3. Save on water bills

Cut down on your water bills during the warmer months and save the money for the things you’ve been wanting instead. With synthetic turf, you can put away your sprinklers and water hose and the lawn will stay green throughout the year. Apart from the initial purchase and installation costs, artificial lawns are a virtually a cost-free investment to make in the long run. Just install and enjoy the cost and energy savings for years to come!

4. No need to weed grass or fertilise

Don’t worry about spending lots of time bending over, or on your hands and knees pulling out pesky weeds come springtime or about having to fertilise the yard to keep it thick and green. Once you have installed your artificial lawn, the turf will barely need any maintenance in the long run and your lawn will always appear beautifully manicured – so you can spend more time relaxing in the garden and less time working on it.

5. No need to worry about unsightly bald patches on the lawn

Forget about getting unsightly bald or straw-like yellow patches on your beautiful lawn in the peak of summer. With synthetic turf, not only is it okay to forget to water the lawn, your lawn will also stay looking green and thick all year round. You’ll be the envy of all the neighbours!

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Erin Emanuel