Transform The Top: Attic Bedroom Design Ideas

Compact, cramped and claustrophobic; the first thoughts that often come to mind when thinking of an attic bedroom. However, rejuvenating a dark and dingy attic room into a cosy and beautiful bedroom is not as difficult as you might think. Attic bedrooms work perfectly as an escape for fatigued parents, a hideaway for house guests and are especially useful for growing families. Common decorating problems for attic bedrooms include creating light and space, using colour, adding texture and resolving storage problems. However in this article I will show you that renovating the top bedroom doesn’t have to be a challenge:

attic bathroom designs


1. Light Colour Scheme

Attic bedrooms often have slanted ceilings and this can make the room appear smaller in size, so always remember to keep your colour scheme light. Darker colours tend to make spaces look smaller and lighter colours work to brighten a space. Opt for duck egg blues, mellow yellows and rich creams to add both warmth and light to room. When painting your ceiling select a lighter colour than the chosen colour of your walls, such as shades of white. A dark slanted ceiling will create a ‘caving in’ effect and will darken the room, in turn a light ceiling colour will accentuate the room’s height and reflect natural light.

bedroom color schemes

2.  Expose The Beams

Never hide your ceiling beams; expose them! Beams work to add instant warmth to a room, making your attic bedroom luxurious and cosy. To create a style statement paint your ceiling beams in a dark brown or black, this will draw the eyes upwards creating the illusion that your slanted ceiling is taller than it actually is.

bedroom exposed beams

3. Light Up With A Chandelier

Light up your room using hanging ceiling lights, such as chandeliers. Many attic bedrooms are restricted in terms of space and for this reason stay clear of floor lighting. Chandeliers and other hanging ceiling lights take complete advantage of the high vaulted ceiling and keep the floor space from looking cluttered. Chandeliers add instant glamour and charisma to a room, and if you opt for a glass or crystal chandelier this will beautifully reflect the natural light around the room.

4. Create Texture with Bedding

Textured bedding can completely transform the look and feel of an attic bedroom. Subtly decorative, textured bedding adds depth to the ambiance of the room without being overpowering. Textured and patterned bedspreads add visual interest to the room, use checked, plaid, floral and other light prints teamed with think throws and decorative cushions to create a comfortably and cosy look that’s light and airy.

bedroom decorating walls

5. Attic Bedroom Storage

Storage can be a big concern when decorating an attic bedroom, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many storage solutions that are perfect for compact bedrooms. When choosing your bed opt for a divan, these often include drawers within the base that are great for storing items such as spare linen, clean towels and shoes. Additionally, you can utilise every inch of space within your bedroom by getting customised fitted wardrobes.

6. Add A Window Seat

To create a homely feel in your attic bedroom add a custom built low unit across your window wall. This will create a beautiful feature, and by adding textured cushioning and throws, a relaxing seating area. You may also want to utilise your window seating as another place to add storage.

attic bedroom window seat

With these simple steps you can effortlessly transform your attic bedroom into a warm, cosy and bright room that you will love!

This article was written by Danielle Bagworth, an expert in the field of interior design. For ultimate sleep comfort in your transformed attic bedroom she recommends Silentnight Mattresses.   

Erin Emanuel