Looking to Buy Automatic Garage Doors: Read Some Pros and Cons before Buying

Automatic garage doors are known for the ease and convenience they offer. But similar to any other contemporary conveniences, even automatic garage doors are accompanied by their own set of pros and cons. Gaining an insight into the advantages and disadvantages can be a great help if you are planning of upgrading your garage door form its manual functioning to automatic.

Automatic garage doors have invariably redefined traditional lifestyle and this is the biggest reason for their ever increasing demand. Ease of operation, security along with advanced technology constitutes some of the striking features offered by automatic garage doors. With so many advantages at hand, what could be the possible disadvantages of the automatic garage doors? Let’s find out!

Automatic Garage Doors

If you plan to decide on the best amongst the two, then you thoroughly need to analyze the features offered by each.  Mentioned below are some important pros and cons of automatic garage doors, to help you make a wiser choice:


Pros of Automatic Garage Doors

1 Security

If you are betting on the security of garage doors, then automatic garage doors lead the race by a mile. These doors are known to offer outstanding security, which can never be compared to the security offered by the manual garage doors.

2 Safety Features

Be it iris scanners, the pin codes or even the remotes, automatic garage doors have dramatically evolved over the past many years, especially in terms of technology. Precisely, the automatic garage doors are well equipped with everything to scare intruders away.

3 Singular Operation

Unlike manual garage doors, which can be easily opened by anyone, it is nearly impossible to operate automatic garage doors in the absence of proper authorization. Since, these doors only function by their designated remote control or personnel; they guarantee to eliminate the threat of any sort of intrusion.

4 Convenience

Manual garage doors can never stand at par in front of the convenience offered by the automatic garage doors. Homeowners can operate automatic garage doors with just a single button click whilst they sit in their car. Hi-tech receivers of these garage doors are so designed that they are capable enough to perceive signals from a distance such as your driveway.

5 Easy Manoeuvre

Automatic garage doors are so easy to maneuver by small kids, old people, ladies or anyone with a less physical strength can also operate these doors with complete ease via remote.

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Cons of Automatic Garage Doors

1 Pricey

Alluring features offered by automatic garage doors are accompanied by hefty price tags. Manual garage doors on the other hand are way too affordable.

2 Costly Parts

As automatic garage door comprises of critical electronic circuitry, the parts used in its make are a bit expensive. Whereas the parts utilized in the making manual garage door are fairly reasonable.

3 High Maintenance

The automatic garage doors demand very high maintenance, as the parts they use are core to its efficient performance. Therefore they are required to be maintained in a perfect condition. These parts are vulnerable to wear out too soon in the absence of proper care.

4 Too Much Technology

Automatic garage doors are loaded with latest technological features; some of the features are not even used on a daily basis, and one has to simple shell off extra bucks for futile features.

5 Dependence on ICs

The typical functioning of automatic doors relies on ICs or the electronic integrated circuits. In case of power surge, many parts of the door can stop functioning efficiently, thereby affecting the overall operation of the door.

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  1. Thank you for the honest look at the pros and cons of automatic garage doors. I’m someone who’s a bit mistrustful of technology and likes to simplify if possible, but I have considered an automatic garage door for safety reasons. My main concern is repair. Are automatic garage doors something that I could do myself with average electrical/mechanical skills, or something I would have to call in a repairman to do?

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