Avoid Moving in The Wintertime, During Vacation, and More

Whether it comes to a big house relocation with numerous bags, boxes and giant furniture, or to a quick relocation in another city just to see the parents for a few weeks – it is much easier when you take a pick of the best day for your move. The wintertime is the season when people always try to avoid moving house, but that`s only a hint of what`s to come.


Yet with a few simple tricks, you can easily take advantage of a relocation in the wintertime just because most people avoid moving at long distances in the wintertime. First, make sure to assess the weather conditions according to the weather forecast for the moving day. If you are sure that the weather is good – then call the removal company to discuss the details and to schedule a day for the move. Always look at the weather forecast even until the last hour before the moving van arrives. Another great trick is to leave an extra space in the moving van when unloading your belongings. Fill that extra space with the unused card box pieces or with whole pieces of unused boxes. They may turn very handy if the van stuck in the snow. You can put them between the tires and the snow to improve the cohesion and therefore to continue with the relocation. Another great idea is to use these huge flat pieces of card box for unloading in front of the new house, as well as walking through deep snow while handling giant heavy in the same time. Cover the snow with the card box pieces to form a walkway or a small dry zone where you can put the furnishings on a dry place for a while.

Try to avoid dealing with removal activities during the peak of the seasons, especially when it comes to removals in a big city. The peak of the season is the period when much more people come visit the cities and the risk to find yourself stuck in a traffic jam is much greater. Try to avoid the peak of the summer if you move nearby a coastal resort city as well.

Another reason why peak season should be avoided is because you are likely going to have to pay more for your house removal then. This is because all moving companies are booked and there is little opportunity for negotiating a lower price with them. Not only price is a factor of course, but also availability. Chances are you are going to make a ton of phone calls only to hear that the companies have no available dates to provide you a service. You will not only have a hard time finding a free provider, but also one that can work with you on the date that you require. Often you will be forced to select a date according to their availability, not one you prefer and find suitable.

You will also do well to avoid moving in bad weather, especially if you have hired a vehicle for the job. The dangers of the road increase a great deal when snow and rain is pouring. Not only that, but it is truly unpleasant having to load all of your belongings when there is danger of getting them all wet

The school vacations are perfect for scheduling a free date for the move. One, your kids will have plenty of time to organize their toys, books and other items, and two – you can choose a day near the beginning or end of the school vacations so to avoid the peak of the season. If you plan to move during the rest of the year – try to pick a date according to the school terms of your children. Inform the school in advance about the move and ask to recommend you the best moment for the move or when are the next vacations. Take into account your job`s schedule, as well as when you kid should go to school in the new location.

Finally, try to avoid moving house in an unexpected time such as in the weekend or during the holidays, especially when you move in a big bustling city such as London. The Downtown becomes truly challenging for driving a big removal van and the relocation journey can last much longer than expected. To find the perfect removals London might become a quite long and overwhelming task and because of that, a better idea is to schedule the moving day for the beginning of the week. Try to avoid the peak hours too! It is definitely much easier to drive in a big bustling city when the road traffic is less. Keep in mind the dimensions of the vehicle if you hire only a removal van and you are the driver too.


Erin Emanuel