Basement Finish System Or Drywall Finish? Here Are Some Thoughts!

Gone were the days that basements were scary places and were only used for storing unwanted and old things. Basements these days could be turned from a bachelor pad, to a gaming den or a mini theater. And because basements now have a greater purpose, greater care is needed to create such a masterpiece.


The final step in creating the perfect basement is the finishing. Some people invest on drywall finishing, and some invest in basement finishing systems. But what exactly is the difference? What are the pros and cons of each? Below you can find a comprehensive comparison of the two so you can decide the best basement finish for your home:


Drywall finishing

Drywall is the very basic and the most common choice for basement finishes. That is, before other materials were out in the market. First and foremost, drywall is a board made from two big sheets of paper with gypsum in-between. Gypsum is a mineral commonly found as plaster and blackboard chalk. It’s also a known filler for boards. Drywall finishing has been around since Americans decided to have basements, simply because there were no other materials around for construction.

Drywall finishing is the cheapest option for a basement finish. If you combine the total cost of drywall installation, the mudding and the sanding, you will find that it’s still way below the price of a basement wall system. Because of this, most homeowners choose to have a drywall finish. Another big factor is that some parts of the installation process can be done by the homeowners themselves. It could be hugely a DIY project, so most people choose it.

Another pro of the drywall is its unlimited options for design. There are literally thousands of ways you can redesign and redecorate with drywall finishing. You can use paint or wallpaper, and if you’re tired of everything, you can easily and simply replace the drywalls. Also, repairing is quite simple for drywall finish. If your walls have holes, you can simply patch them with a few common building materials.

Why you shouldn’t get Drywall

This actually depends mostly on where you are, so the right basement finish for your area may or may not be drywall. The biggest issue with drywall finishing is that it falls apart with moisture. Basements, since they are underground, are always prone to moisture. You cannot avoid it completely, unless you will spend a lot of money with a complicated system. Moisture is drywall’s kryptonite, and if not given immediate attention, your walls will easily collect mold and mildew, and eventually crumble.

This is the main reason why people do not get drywall finishing. Although, as mentioned above, it still depends on your area. If your area is a place that easily gathers moisture, then drywall might not be the best option for you. Contact the best basement finish contractors in your local area to gather information and to get consultation on what material fits your area best.

Basement Finishing Systems

While drywalls are totally organic, basement finishing systems usually use inorganic materials such as fiberglass. These materials are usually moisture proof, and offer a lot more than the plain drywall.

The reason why they’re call systems is because it really is a system of parts that work together to create an overall finish in your basement. It isn’t just the walls – it’s the floor, the ceiling, and even the insulation. And because it has more components and is more technical that drywall finishing, it requires a professional. Never attempt to do a basement finishing system on your own! Hiring a professional basement contractor is worth the money versus DIY-ing without experience. But see to it that you’re working with trusted folks in your city.

These systems promise the use of materials that resist moisture. They also boast of their scratch-free attributes, and their easy-to-clean walls and structures. As mentioned, since it’s a system, this includes insulation on your walls. Drywall does not offer any form of insulation on its own, so the basement finishing system trumps it a bit when it comes to this area. Not all companies offer a complete system, so check your local companies and see what they could offer you. As you can imagine, the basement finishing system could cost an arm and a leg, but people still get it because it’s well worth it.

2 Cents…

In the end, it’s always best to check the best basement finish for your area. If you have the budget for it, go for the complete set that the basement finishing system offers. If you want something that looks and feels more organic and earthy, go for the drywalls. Have a professional look at your basement and they’ll tell you what will suit your area and your taste.


Erin Emanuel

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  1. I remember when I use to think that drywall was made out a concrete. But one day I accidentally punch a hole through it. So I soon found it not so strong as concrete. So I appreciate the food for thought here!

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