Bathroom Botox: 5 Ways To Give Your Bathroom A Facelift

In the same way you plump up your face with botox treatments, you can plump up the features of your bathroom design by injecting it with contemporary, sleek and stylish upgrades. Give your bathroom a much needed face lift with current bathroom trends that will change the space into a luxurious and relaxing spa.

There are many changes that you can implement into the space. You will be pleasantly surprised at how the smallest of changes can make a huge difference in the feel, flow and look of your space. Use these 5 suggestions as a guide to update and upgrade your bathroom space.

Bathroom botox



Get rid of the builder grade plate mirror that is a standard feature in many homes. Change to mirrors surrounded by beautiful picture like frames in wrought iron scrolls, wicker, metal designs, seashells, and floral patterns. It will bring a unique look over your sinks.


Lighting is an important feature in a bathroom space because it sets the mood creating a tranquil spa-like feel. Choose stylish vanity lights, candle wall sconces, and under cabinet lighting features. A dimmer on the light switch will give you the option of how bright you would like the room to be illuminated at different times of the day.


Sinks have really come a long way. Gone is the standard white ceramic bowls with boring fixtures. Now, there are numerous choices to choose from such as pedestal sinks, clear bowls with fixtures installed right into mirrors, decorative designs to match any theme you choose, and long rectangle styles that you only see in upscale hotels. Just as important are the sink fixtures you select. Choose from wrought iron, stainless steel, pewter, ceramic and corian materials.

Sleek Showers

Sleek and contemporary showers are extremely popular in today’s homes. It is the most relaxing area of the room. Install frameless and seamless shower doors, or extend the entry door from one wall to another giving the space an unexpected look. Install multiple shower heads, a steam feature, decorative lighting and shelving giving the space a relaxing retreat after a long hard day.


The addition of large white fluffy towels and plush floor mats will further bring in the spa feel. A table water feature will create a soothing sound and a set tranquil mood for the relaxation. Other accessories include a small or chandelier, candles, artificial greenery, bath salts in decorative jars, scented soaps and decorative rocks.

You really can plump up the style of your bathroom space by injecting a lot of creativity, space planning and updated features. Who says botox is just for the face? p

Peter Wendt is a local journalist and homebuilder living in Austin, Texas. After many years in the business, Wendt has realized the importance of a bathroom tailored to his clients. Recently, contemporary and sleek bathrooms have been the “it thing” and Wendt recommends installing frameless shower doors.

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