Bathroom On A Budget: How To Transform Your Bathroom For Less Than £100

Transforming your bathroom can be very costly, however we will discuss some ways in which you can transform your bathroom on a budget, using discount shops and DIY shops such as B&M bargains and B&Q.

A good place to start is with some light gray paint and white gloss which you can pick up for £10-£15 for the paint depending how big and £10 for the Gloss from B&Q. Give the walls a couple of coats of grey paint and freshen up any wood in the bathroom with the white gloss, including door and skirting boards. If you have tiles in your bathroom you need an oil based paint which can be purchased for only £14.99 from B&Q.

Once you have freshened up the bathroom with the paint you can then start to add features to match, as we have gone for a grey and white paint I will choose grey and white features, however feel free to go for any colour items you would like, grey and white is quite neutral anyway.


Firstly purchase some white hand towels and some light grey bath towels. These can be bought from B&M bargains for only £5.99 each for bath towels and £2.49 for hand towels. You can purchase a nice floor mat for just £3 from B&M and they even have some options for just £1.50 each. Taps are an additional feature that you can purchase cheap, however it’s worth paying a little extra for a plumber to come and fit it.

You can find cheap fast response plumbers online or by using a national same day response service like Multicore National.

You can get a fresh toilet seat for as little as £8 that will make your toilet look clean and fresh.









Next you can get a new grey shower curtain for as cheap as £2.50 from B&M if you have a shower/bath combo, or buy a glass one for a little extra.








To keep your bathroom looking tidy you can purchase a towel rack that simply hangs over the door for just £3, again, from B&M bargains and also pick up some suction hooks for £1 that you can easily lick and stick to stick a couple of hand towels up next to your sink and other places to keep it organised and mess free.















You can buy a 4 piece bathroom accessory kit for just £7.99 which is good to keep toothbrushes and soap organised and purchase a grey bathroom bin for only £3.99 to keep your bathroom clean and dirt free. You can purchase a toilet brush to match your grey colour for £3 keeping to the colour scheme of grey and white.

The finishing touches include a small cosmetic mirror next to your accessory set which can be bought for just £3.99 and you could also add something like a soap suction dish which is only around £2.99 to buy. B&M have loads of options which are all low cost and you could consider looking in other discount stores such as home bargains and poundland to find even better deals.

Next is entertainment, something to keep you occupied whilst on the toilet. Get some puzzle books whilst on your trip to B&M and some pens, should only cost you around £5 and it will give you endless hours of entertainment whilst on the toilet. If you prefer more technological entertainment, check out, Game Over Facebook page for some cool puzzles, Quizzes and Riddles to keep you occupied at toilet time.

All the items discussed can be purchased from B&M and B&Q, to find a local store, you can use the store locator on each site, and remember this is just a rough guide. We are sure when you are there you will see more items that catch your attention and you may even spend over £100. This is just a budget guide, showing you that you can transform the look of your bathroom and give it a modern feel for less than £100.

B&M also stock some great fragarenced cleaning products which can be used to keep your bathroom smelling clean and fresh. You can purchase Harpic toilet tablets for just £1 that keep your toilet water looking fresh and smelling clean.

As mentioned, with the help of a qualified plumber you could change your taps which can make your bathroom look a lot more modern, you can also pick up some really funky and unique taps from B&Q and even online at places like Amazon. So Now you have transformed your bathroom for less than £100. If you follow our tips, please leave us a comment with your images. For more great budget bathroom ideas you can see other people’s ideas on Pinterest.

Erin Emanuel