Bathroom on a Budget: Top Tips

Trying to design a bathroom on a budget? Economic times are tough, and many homes all over the country are undertaking the task of attempting to install a brand-new bathroom without breaking the bank.


Here is an expert guide to obtaining the bathroom of your dreams on the tightest of cost margins:

1. Re-Tile: One of the first ways to completely spruce up a bathroom is to re-tile the space. It will have a huge impact on the way the entire room looks and feels and will provide that vital first step in the renovation of a room – and even if you’re a complete amateur when it comes to tiling, then specialists will help you to do it properly. If you currently have a dark and dreary bathroom, choose high-gloss tiles in light colors for a burst of freshness and light. Add in accent tiles in bright colors for a pop of interest that can be a continuous theme throughout the room. Smaller tiles are generally easier to work with because they can fit more snugly around fittings and fixtures, and they pull together a room more effectively than larger ones.

2. Storage: Think about how much storage you will need in your bathroom. There is a plethora of budget storage options available on the market, and the internet is awash with space saving tips that cost just pennies, and will allow for portions of the budget to be spent elsewhere. Clear up counter space by hanging wicker baskets from walls, using utensil hangers, use old wine racks as rolled-up towel storage or secure old drawers to walls to create simple shelves that will hold everything from shampoo bottles to bobby pins.

3. Lighting: If there’s an element of a room that is guaranteed to give it a luxurious touch, no matter what the quality of the other fittings and fixtures are, it is the lighting. Imitation chandeliers are fairly inexpensive and can add a real touch of class to a room, whilst spotlights can be installed for relatively less nowadays. Don’t just rely on your overhead light; add mood lighting and invest in some delicious-smelling candles for soft illumination that will boost your budget.

4.  Counters: There was once a time when granite counter tops were considered the epitome of high-end class within a bathroom; they were expensive, and out of reach for many people who were renovating. Now, prices have come down so far that they are a viable option for many people fitting bathrooms on a budget. Invest in a statement granite counter for a vanity unit and it will become a staple for decades, whilst providing a functional area in the room.

5.    Faucets: Taps, shower heads, faucets and other water dispensers are worth a little splurge. They can really pull together a bathroom in an unexpected way, and it is worth spending a little extra to ensure their high quality. From stainless steel in a minimalist space to gleaming brass in a more traditional room, there are hundreds of faucet types to choose from to enhance the entire room without breaking the bank.

Erin Emanuel