3 Affordable Bathroom Remodel Tips

Want to remodel your bathroom but only have a limited budget at your disposal? Well, follow these tips and you will find that it is actually cheaper than you first thought to give your bathroom a complete overhaul!

Bathroom Remodel

1. Ceiling

Change the look of your ceiling! You will be surprised at how many people forget about their ceiling when it comes to changing the look of their bathroom. In fact, some of the best looking bathrooms in the world have pretty bland looking ceilings. You will be surprised at just how much adding a bit of texture to the roof of your bathroom can change the overall look and feel. You will be even more surprised to know that it is not that expensive. Why not give it a lick of paint? How about bringing in some bathroom-safe textured wallpaper? At the most this will cost you $50 and you will have changed the style of your bathroom.

2. Storage Options

I am sure that you have tons of storage options in your bathroom. Everybody does. However, did you know that you don’t actually have to replace these units when you remodel your bathroom? In fact, it can get pretty expensive if you do. All you need to do is replace the face and hardware of these units. There are plenty of suppliers out there who will be able to supply you with a new drawer fascia or even doors for your cupboards. These will cost a fraction of the price of replacing the whole unit. This means that you are going to have even more money left to concentrate on other more important areas of your bathroom.

3. Light Fixtures

Replacing your light fixtures! Light fixtures can become pretty tired looking after sitting in your bathroom for a couple of years. Thankfully it is not actually that expensive to purchase some new ones. You can pick them up from pretty much any home renovation store. If you have a bit more money to spend then you may want to get in touch with a company that specializes in bathroom remodeling in Phoenix. They may be able to offer a couple of suggestions on some good light fixtures to use, and they may even be able to supply you with some at a rather hefty discount. Remember, it is important that you get ‘bathroom safe’ light fixtures. They are going to last a lot longer in this humid environment.

This is of course just a very small selection of tips to change the look of your bathroom without breaking the bank. If you truly want to save money but still end up with something that looks fantastic then I suggest that you search for a Phoenix Home Renovation company who will be able to design something for you. Yes, it may cost a bit of money for this plan to be drawn up, but I promise you, if you choose the right company to work with you will save a lot more money and end up with a better looking bathroom.

Author Bio – Brittney is a professional blog writer, writes for TWDAZ, a bathroom renovation & kitchen renovation company in Phoenix area.

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