Bathroom renovation – Did you reconsider all heating options?

When the times comes to do a bathroom renovation very often, either due to deadline or budget limitations, different heating solutions very often are neglected and people usually opt for the one that is the most convenient at present situation. Sometimes it works just fine, but only if luck is on your side. Otherwise, it turns out to be the reason why a renovation needs to be repeated in a couple of years. To avoid that and to choose a long term solution, a question whether all heating options were reconsidered needs to be asked and discussed on time. Here are some suggestions that should be studied in detail.

Electric heating 

Electric heating

Being one of the most common heating solutions, electric heating is often taken for granted and put to the bottom of the list, especially by people who wish to make a design statement in their bathroom. The truth is that electric heating solutions deserve a better treatment. Nowadays, there are practically no limitations when it comes to size and shape of electric heating elements and they can complement and improve any bathroom appearance, naturally, performing their primary function perfectly and hassle free. The elements are easily installed and maintained. However, if energy consumption, that is the electricity bills and environmental issues, is one of main concerns, other solutions are more applicable and recommended.

Heat lamps 

Heat lamps

This is another convenient and easily applicable solution that will both heat your bathroom efficiently and make it look bigger. Furthermore, they come in so many different sizes, shapes and with various accessories that they can practically be used in any bathroom. There are three different models, pure heaters, two in one combinations that include either light or heater or heater and vent and three in one solution with heater, vent and light. Additionally, they come with various power ranges and this is another great choice opportunity which comes very handy when it comes to bathroom heating options. People are different, some like their bathrooms to resemble tropical forest temperatures, while others prefer the moderate climate of Mediterranean.


Underfloor heating 

Heated floor

There is nothing worse that stepping on freezing tiles the moment you got out of a hut tub or a shower. If a person is a morning shower type, this single action is more than enough to spoil his or her day practically the moment it started. Underfloor heating is the perfect solution in this case. Not only will those cold tiles be forever gone but the manner of installment, that is the invisibility of heating pipes, will allow for a complete change of bathroom appearance. Furthermore, this is a good opportunity for anyone having small bathrooms to gain additional space and consider different design options, unavailable previously due to size limitations.

Solar panels

If you are concerned about environmental issues and happen to live in an area that has plenty of sunshine throughout the year, solar panels are well worth considering. The price range you read about a couple of years before may had deterred you, however, technology has advanced through years and continues to do so and solar panels are affordable to more and more people, especially if you take long term savings and environment preservation contributions into account. It is often sufficient to install a single panel to provide enough energy for air and water heating of a medium to large size bathroom. Also, this would be a strong first step towards a completely sustainable home, something the majority of us should strive for and surely will benefit from.

Isolation [“Pic 4 – Window” goes here]


No matter which heating solution was picked, the only way to enjoy it fully is to make sure the bathroom is properly isolated. What is the use of high power heaters if half of the energy it provides goes out the door or window due to their misalignment or small cracks? In other words, make sure there are no leaks and by all means check for them continually since not only will energy be lost but eventually your bathroom will develop a condensation problems due to difference in outside and inside temperature and the airs being mixed inside.

As you can see, bathroom heating is something that requires attention, preparation and careful approach. Luckily, we live in a time and age where different solutions are available and affordable, especially in the long run, which is the manner any redecoration and renovation should be approached. Naturally, good bathroom preparation is essential for any of the proposed solutions to live up to their full potential. Once more, make sure the isolation is spotless and only then move on to installing the heating solution of your choice. Enjoy your baths and relax as much as possible, finishing any redecoration work simply asks for it.

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