Bedroom furniture trends for 2014 – the top ideas

The start of the New Year is always a great time to check out the latest trends and dream about redesigning your house. This is the time to flick through the magazines or go online and discover the very best and brightest ideas for remodelling your bedroom.

Beds for 2014

Image Credit: SitcomBedroom

One of the easiest ways to update your bedroom is to invest in some new bedroom furniture. From four poster beds for adults to cabin beds for the kids, you’ll soon find what you’re looking for to create a very modern effect.

A plain wooden bed frame complemented by some brightly colored bed linen against a plain wall can look stunning. Alternatively an iron bed decorated with some luxurious white Egyptian cotton sheets can look beautiful.

Colors for your 2014 bedroom

Image Credit: Jill

There are no hard and fast rules for color coordination. Most of the top home interior magazines do stress the importance of pastel shades and maximizing the feeling of space in a bedroom. Some commentators suggest that this season’s color of choice will be variations of Pantone’s Radiant Orchid.

If you are going to use this color just remember that fuchsia isn’t always the easiest color to live with in the long term. Plain wooden furniture against a colored wall can look very effective and may help to break up any blocks of bold color

Relaxing furniture is important

Increasingly the bedroom isn’t just used as a place to sleep. The additional of a comfortable chair or sofa in this room is seen as important. In many houses, children’s rooms, double up as a playroom as well as a bedroom and cabin beds are featured in all the top style magazines.

Bedroom furniture can be dual purpose

Most of us don’t live in vast mansions with separate dressing rooms or maids to clear up our belongings. Clever storage ideas are therefore highlighted important.

Whether it’s a case of a discreet drawer as part of a bed design or shelves and trunks under your child’s cabin bed, you’ll soon be able to gain some inspiration for how to cope with the perennial problem of surplus belongings.

Lighting is always important

Discreet lighting is still very much on trend for 2014. Subtle sidelights and spotlights, for emphasis have replaced harsh overhead lights. Lighting accessories appear to be styled in the form of beautiful Baroque lamp stands complimented by a plainer monochrome lampshade.

Of course, for children, discretion isn’t as prevalent as most of their lampshades tend to match their bedding and curtains where bright colors traditionally prevail.

Choose a trend that suits your taste

Image Credit: Wonnerup_house

The days when an interior designer clicked their fingers and the whole world heeded their advice are long gone. The easiest way to move with the times is to invest in a few pieces of good quality bedroom furniture that you can accessorize.

Always maximize any available natural light. Design your bedroom so that the room looks spacious and inviting. Clutter always looks ugly, so if you are going to embellish the room with throws and cushions, try to apply some moderation.

The days of beds piled high with multiple cushions appear to be a thing of the past!

Erin Emanuel