Turn Your Bedroom Into a Luxurious Retreat

With the daily hustle and bustle to be endured, a nice rest at home would always be the golden time of anyone’s day. A good sleep and a worry-free mind are even considered as blessings now in the modern era. Especially to those who are workaholic and are lacking a peaceful time for themselves, ensuring that your bedroom is the ultimate haven for a retreat becomes a must.

So if you think you’re not getting the comfort you want to achieve from you stay in your room, then follow these simple steps and start receiving the greatest blessing after a hard day’s work.


Choose the right bed mattress for you.

While there are different types of mattresses, choose not the most expensive or trendy mattresses but the type that could offer you the most comfort and a healthy rest that is at least good for 8 hours.


Different mattresses also have varying purposes or advantages to different people which makes finding the “right” one a personal decision to make. So if you always experience back or neck pains, choose a not too soft and not too hard mattress to support you well. Another point for consideration is if you want to optimize your blood flow, a memory foam mattress may be best for you. Or if you have a weak immune system, a natural latex mattress is recommended to keep a clean air environment.

Set good ventilation.

You may have everything prepared and ready but if you don’t have good ventilation, then don’t expect to have tranquil hours of stay in your bedroom but a disappointing one. Set an air-conditioner to fight the warm temperature or a heater when cold. You may even opt for an inverter air-conditioning for a cheaper electricity bill while enjoying a cold blast to have a pleasant sleep. A fan is helpful as well for the circulation of air and cooling in the room.

Having a window in the room is also a factor to attain good ventilation like those experienced in hotels. Despite the pollution and all other disadvantages from opening your window, it is also good to breathe in natural air and let it circulate in your room once in a while. To improve the cleanliness and freshness of the air coming in your room, you may grow plants or flowers near your window too.


Install proper lighting.

Do you like to read at night before going to sleep as part of your healing process for the day? Then a white lighting or a lamp for reading near the bed is needed. If you solely use your bedroom as a resting and sleeping place, you may want to install warm lighting to create a more calming ambiance.

A combination of both is also a good idea to be more flexible with the use of your room. Don’t take advantage of the white and bright lighting by continuing your work as the heavenly feel of your crib would be eliminated if you often do so.

Go for light decorations and neutral colors.

Busy is the perfect term to describe everything to be seen outside. From the moment you step out of your home, everything is in a mixture of both chaos and order. With all those absorbed into you, a bedroom with minimal decorations and ornamentation would be greatly preferred. This is to balance off the bursting energy from outside.

Adding too much things and decorations will definitely not help you relieve tension as well as placing your workstation in your bedroom. So put only the necessities in your room by choosing the furniture and appliances you will only use wisely. As for the colors to be used like on the walls and bed sheets, choose neutral, light, or warm ones that are soothing to the eyes and atmosphere.

Maintain cleanliness.

No matter how tired we are as we arrive home, maintaining a clean home and bedroom is still one of the fundamental habits to learn and own. Having a cluttered bedroom will only increase your stress level especially when your bed is full of stuff like clothes after trying them all out in the morning. By having a messy and dirty room, you also won’t be able to rest immediately as much as you want to. Stains are not much of a big issue, which is why carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast has never been easier and hassle-free! So getting yourself organized and responsible of your things are the only essential ones as you will also be the one to benefit from being neat and tidy.


A luxurious retreat doesn’t mean owning expensive things to be put in your bedroom. Rather, it means simplicity by only keeping the necessities in your bedroom that may contribute in releasing the anxiety and fatigue you’ve collected throughout the day. By having a good attitude and discipline in preserving a clean room, treating yourself to a luxurious and relaxing sanctuary at your own humble space everyday will become a reality and dream to look forward to.

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  1. I like how you said, “…choose a not too soft and not too hard mattress to support you well”. My wife and I are looking for a new mattress right now. I’m going to let her know about this advice. Hence, we should be able to find something that works for us. What brand of mattress do you recommend?

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