The Benefits of Choosing an Above Ground Pool

Owning a pool is one of the best ways to beat the heat during those warm summer months. Choosing the right type of pool for you and your family can be a difficult one. There is the option of the in ground pool and then there are the above ground pools. Some individuals feel if a pool is built into the ground that it is a more fiscally smart option. Other individuals believe that the above ground pools are the better way to go. Which is truly the better way to go if lower expenses are truly your main goal, after, of course, the fun owning a pool provides?

Considering The Cost:


Ground Pool

When comparing overall costs related to owning an in ground or above ground pool, there are going to be costs regardless of the choice you make between the two. The basic overall costs of owning an above ground pool, once you break down all the expenses, are the cheaper pool option. In addition to the cheaper overall costs of owning an above ground pool, they also have warmer water temperatures, and if desired, above ground pools are portable.One of the biggest expenses related to owning any pool, be it above ground, or in ground, is the initial costs for installation, set-up, digging, and pool supplies. When compared with an in ground pool, although an above ground pool can cost upwards of $12,000 or more, that cost includes everything needed to get you up and running. In some cases, that initial cost can include a deck to go around your pool. Replacement costs for items such as pool liners are also cheaper with an above ground pool. Whereas it may cost the owner of an in ground pool a thousand dollars, it can cost the owner of an above ground pool approximately $400. There is even the opportunity to build the above ground pool yourself using a timber pool kit and save some money.

Warmer Water Temperatures:

Another great feature that many pool owners enjoy is the warmer overall temperature of the water in above ground pools. Although you can purchase pool heaters for in ground pools, the warmer air temperatures alone, help to raise the temperature of above ground pools. Other options for above ground pools if they are still not warm enough include solar pool heaters and solar blankets. This option makes heating your pool more affordable. Winterizing an above ground pool is also a little easier.

One of the most unique features and incentives to purchasing an above ground pool is their portability. If you are the owner of an in ground pool, and for whatever reason have to move, your pool has to stay. On the other hand, above ground pools can be broken down and set up at your new home. Even if you decide, where you initially set up your pool was not ideal, you can move it to another location on your property. It will require the extra expense, but this option is one in ground pool owners do not possess.  Furthermore, when it comes to the set-up, or installation of an above ground pool, it can be completed in a single day, whereas in ground pools can take up to three weeks for installation.

If you are trying to make the decision on whether or not to get an above ground pool or an in ground pool, there are countless benefits to owning both. With respect to the above ground pool, you will save more money, have warmer temperatures, without the use of a heater, and have portability.

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