Tips on the cost effectiveness and other benefits of Floating Floor

Floating floor is the most economical option for a sound proof room which may be used as a studio for dance, games, music, or theater. The designs and colors in which it is available makes it appealing and the professional manner in which they are laid gives appearance rich appearance to the whole room and the floor.  It is economical for commercial buildings to have this in their offices because it does not require elaborate care and it is very easy to maintain. Moreover floating floors do not involve the cutting of many trees as against hardwood floors. When a concrete floor or a laminated floor gives way due to moisture content, and if there are ups and down, then there are two options that are redoing the entire floor or relaying a floating floor with glass fiber, cork or felt kept as the inner layer with neoprene pads to support the new floor.

Floating Floor

Some tips on the cost effectiveness and other benefits of floating floor:

  • Existing floor needs top layer finishing as laying tiles, polishing, or redoing the hardwood and these are expensive. Floating floor can be done very economically
  • The room is being used as a studio for dance or music or computer room. Making the room sound proof
  • Easy to install
  • Can be redone periodically as per the change of taste
  • Gives a rich appearance
  • After sales service is good
  • Easier to install in basements which have cement floor thereby helping in insulation during cold season
  • Is important to install floating floors in places where there are sensitive instruments which may have disturbance due to vibration on the floor
  • Since hard wood floors are fixed they do not have space for expansion and they get damaged due to change in temperature but this can be avoided by fixing floating floors which allow room for expansion as and when there is change in temperature.
  • Floating floors have a life span of more than 30 yrs

Some people might have doubts about floating floors because they feel that they are not on solid ground and they feel a hardwood floor nailed is a much safer option. Though a hardwood floor nailed does have a longer life, still there are certain important points which need to be taken care. Over a period of time the polish and the shine reduces on a hardwood floor, there is seepage of moisture because of the changes in the temperatures, and rotting of wood may also take place. If so then replacing becomes quite expensive and the whole process of doing it is also cumbersome. Floating floors on the other hand does not bite into our savings. The factory finished wood polish on them gives a rich look and with proper care they last long. Even if a few places have to be replaced over a period of time it can be done with minimum expense and hindrance. The initial laying off the floor can be done in a matter of few hours.

Steps Make Sure While Laying the Floor

  • Make sure to take perfect measurements of the floor area up to the walls
  • Measure the bends near the doorway
  • Make sure to fit the skirting boards or couplings on the walls so as to allow room for expansion
  • Make sure that there are no gaps between one piece and the next one, each piece has to be glued and fixed to the next one without any gap
  • Selection of the boards should be done carefully as per the design

The market is filled with products that are economical and are good quality at the same time. Floating floors is one of the easy options for laying floors since it gives a rich appearance, is economical, insulating against the cold and retains the new look for long period. So this up market product needs to be considered by home owners who need fresh look in their homes.

Above mentioned tips will help you in cost effectiveness and other benefits of Floating Floor. If you still have doubt and want to know more then click here

Erin Emanuel