The Benefits Of Having An Indoor Garden

In the past, if you ever wanted to garden, it was necessary to have a backyard with plenty of space to plant your fruits and vegetables. Those with apartments or homes without yards needed to find a communal garden or give up on nurturing their green thumb altogether; however, communal gardens are always a risk because you can’t really control who has access to your plants.

sproutThese days, gardening technology has changed so drastically that anybody, regardless of their living situation or talent, can become an expert gardener. Indoor gardening has taken off as the newest fad. Not convinced? Here are a few perks to starting your very own indoor garden:

Easy Access to Your Hobby

Gardening is your passion. Don’t you want to be as close to it as possible? With your hectic life, it’s far too easy to forget to water and nurture your crops when they’re in the backyard— out of sight and out of mind.

An indoor garden is a good way to keep your precious plants nearby as a constant reminder that they need love and support. Not only will you remember to take care of your plants, you’ll also spend more relaxing time with your hobby.

Become a Healthier You

In a world where it’s overly convenient to fill every meal with greasy $1 hamburgers and fries, it’s far too difficult and expensive to stay healthy. Now, imagine if you had access to a plethora of different crops in your home— wouldn’t you be much more likely to eat healthy?

Fruits and vegetables can be quite expensive when you buy them in the market, especially if they are organically grown. On the other hand, crop seeds can cost as little as 50-cents, so you end up saving a significant amount of money over time. Plus, having all that healthy food in a close location will make you more willing to cook food with great nutritional value.

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Not only will you have access to fresher foods, but the air quality of your home can improve drastically as well. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to walk into a home filled with the scent of fresh strawberries? You can even go one step further and invest in a vaporizer to not only help improve the air quality of your home, but to also overcome common indoor plant diseases.

Pest Control

As any outdoor gardener knows, there is no greater enemy to your crops than the outside world. Seemingly everything wants to ensure that your plants don’t make it to maturity. Bugs will use their tiny teeth to guarantee that your crops will look unappetizing. Vermin will eat your garden from under the ground before it ever has the chance to see the light of day. Neighborhood pets will not have enough respect and will make it their life’s mission to dig everything out from their roots.

With an indoor garden, you have the opportunity to control what gets near your plants. It’s much easier to keep bugs, vermin and pets away when you are inside your home.

Cleaner Air

One of the best benefits of having an indoor garden is cleaner air for your family. Your home is filled with many chemicals from building materials, adhesives and things you bring in from the outside world. Plants can absorb these toxins and turn them into oxygen within a day. That means that the chemicals from detergents, smoke, glue and other home building materials that have been stored in your house for years can turn into something much healthier for your family.

Control the Crop’s Environment

When it comes to your outdoor garden, you can only have so much control, especially when it comes to the weather. Heavy rain or snow can easily destroy your crops, and the hot sun can dry them out. A cover for your garden will only protect it from so much; however, with an indoor garden, you have complete control over the temperature and moisture.

Growing an indoor garden offers many benefits, not only to your own sanity, but to your family’s health as well. Imagine being able to have all of your fresh produce readily available—free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals that may come with store-bought fruits and vegetables. Having an indoor garden is also a great way of making your home more eco-friendly. Get growing!

Author Bio: Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer from California whose writing offers many useful tips for everything from cooking, to traveling, to exercising. She encourages those interested in gardening to consider these benefits of an growing an indoor garden. You can follow more of her tips on Twitter and Facebook.

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