Eco-Stucco: Benefits of Having Hardwood Floors

Benefits of Having Hardwood Floors

Eco-Stucco: Have you ever stepped into a home that felt so inviting, so warm, cozy and somewhat luxurious at the same time and you don’t know what exactly it was that it felt so? There might have been nothing special about the furniture or the décor. It could have been the floor. This is usually the effect a hardwood floor has.

What makes hardwood floors attractive?

Hardwood-Flooring-Eco-StuccoThe beauty of hardwood floors is timeless. It can suit so many home styles and interior designs, from rustic to elegant and modern or contemporary. You won’t even have to bother too much about matching the furniture with the floor, as these are very likely to go well together. What matters here is the color. Besides that, hardwood floors are so incredibly versatile and will let you choose whichever type of furnishings you want.

Wood connects us to nature and its texture is beautiful. Its shades go from light to dark and are pleasant and warm. This makes a wooden floor feel inviting. It will never go out of style, nor will feel misplaced. In Hamilton, Bill Dehal leads a home solutions firm. Over the years, the benefits of hardwood floors became obvious, as observed by Bill Dehal.

Other Benefits to Hardwood Floors as Observed by Bill Dehal

Besides its beauty, it is really long lasting. It’s not uncommon that it holds well up to 100 years or more. You’re not likely to find anything more durable for a home. When the finish is damaged, it can be removed and refreshed. This even allows you to change its look if you want (give it a different color, make it more shiny etc.)

Wooden floors are also healthy options. These have been the flooring choice for generations and generations of people. Carpets gather dust and help molds develop. Natural ones may happen to promote allergies, too. Wood, on the other hand, especially when well coated, is an excellent choice that creates a healthy environment.

Also when compared to carpets, wooden floors are really easy to clean. Just wipe them off with a specially created cleaning product and that’s it. Or, given that many types of finishing products allow it, you may simply use a mixture of water and vinegar. The ease of the wood cleaning procedure is welcome – it leaves more time to enjoy instead of wasting it with more complicated procedures.

Speaking about the finish coat, the new developments have turned this into another major advantage. Improved coating lasts more than before (up to 15-20 years), which means that you won’t be doing a refinish anytime too soon, not under normal room traffic circumstances.

Because of all the benefits we mentioned, anyone looking for a new home is highly drawn to and can be convinced by hardwood floors. This means that, if you will be planning to sell your home at some point, the flooring will add more value to it. Real estate trends are constantly proving this.

Hardwood floors not only have a special appeal, but create distinction. These, when properly maintained, show that you respect yourself and your living space. If you want to install this in your home, you may do it by yourself or hire a contractor. Check out reviews for Eco Stucco.

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  1. I agree that wood floors are timeless. They feel like something that we might have seen hundreds of years ago. Like you said, they’re also healthy. We moved into a house with hardwood floors this summer and keep the floor clean has never been easier.

  2. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that hardwood flooring fits many different styles of home. My husband and I are doing some remodels in our house, and we’re putting new flooring in several rooms. I want something that will fit with whatever kind of decoration I decide on for the rest of the room, so I’ll definitely look into getting hardwood for its timeless quality. Thanks for the great post!

  3. My favorite part about hardwood flooring is that they are timeless. They will always have a fancy and elegant feeling to them! They are really easy to maintain, too! Thanks for sharing.

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