How Home Automation Can benefit You Through All Seasons?

As your home goes through the seasons it has different needs and requirements. The changing weather and climate, as well as the difference in the length of daylight hours and temperature mean that there is a range of variables that need to be accounted for.

Controlling these different variables can be done separately, or alternatively nowadays can be achieved with different home automation systems. These systems can benefit the house throughout the year and also make the homeowner’s life a lot easier through the months and seasons of the year as needs change. So, let’s take a look at how home automation can help through the different seasons.

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The spring often provides the most varied seasonally and so being able to control the variables affected by the weather can be a significant benefit. They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb and so being able to control the heating remotely at this time of year can be extremely useful. The variation in temperature and lighting due to the arrival of BST means big changes in terms of electrical and fossil fuel consumption in the spring. Being able to control this from anywhere in the world, remotely and on a whim, makes for green savings too – something that this technology is strongly associated with.


Of course, as the summer arrives the needs of the household changes again. If summers in the future are anything like this summer are anything to go by, a home can be made a lot more comfortable if it can be controlled at the flick of a switch.

Home automation can be used to control blinds, heating and also things like air conditioning remotely or in house. For example this provides you with the potential option of cooling a home remotely before you come home from work in the evening, or turning on heat if the weather has taken a surprising turn for the worse. Blinds can be opened and closed and lighting turned on and off or sprinkler systems can be turned on and off. In addition, it’s possible to pre-set a number of variables to create a specific condition in the home at one touch of a button – very useful and also time saving tool.


Autumn brings changes again and the end of BST and cooler weather means that home automation can be of benefit, albeit in an opposing way to the one we wrote about during spring. In addition to this it can be used to control lights and the times they come on and go off at.

The technology can also be utilized to control the opening and closing of gates, while smart lock systems allow you to see what doors in a home are locked and unlocked. In addition, they also allow you the opportunity to grant remote entrance to friends, family and contractors when you’re not there.

Of course, this time of the year also coincides with increased TV watching. Home-automation technology allows you to control your TV, recording, music and even set up the lighting and heating conditions of your TV room up to perfection at the touch of a button, for maximum comfort.


Of course, all of these things benefit you and your home throughout the winter months. In addition, you’ll be happy to know that you can also increase your home’s safety with automation technology. Home automation can be used to monitor homes via mobile on a 24/7 basis. A whole multi camera set up can be monitored, controlled and used to record through a smart phone app. This can be linked to sensors and a whole array of other technology and provides great relief during the winter time, when break-ins are at their highest levels.

Of course, being able to control heating remotely also prevents leaks and frozen pipes something that can cause notable damage to a home.

Home automation is something that can provide great benefits throughout the year, avoids a range of problems and makes your dream home much more special.

Author Bio: Paul Murphy is a Director at Intecho Ltd which is a leading provider of intelligent building technologies, home automation systems and audio-visual solutions. Paul is an experienced systems Integrator with a wealth of experience within many sectors. specializing in intelligent building technologies managing lighting, heating and cooling within the high-end residential ,commercial, industrial and hotel sectors.

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