Organic Garden

Organic garden have now become one of the must have thing in many family especially in urban areas. These small home gardens are being embraced by many due to its immense gains that they bring to those who practice farming in them. With many health risks that people are suffering from and also lack of high-quality nutrient-dense food, they are now going for food that they have grown themselves since they can control the quality easily. The easy way of organising these gardens is what makes them very popular among people all over the world since you do not require that much to have your own.

organic garden


What you need to have an organic garden

  • You can use some space of your compound that you do not use to dig up a small garden. If you do not have some empty spaces you can use pots or any other open containers that can hold some soil.
  • Make sure that the position of your organic garden has to access sunlight.
  • You should have good supply of water so that your plants do not drying up.
  • You also need to have the seedling especially the sprouts that are known to well in the organic gardens.
  • It is also advisable to have the soil that you are about to use test to ascertain that it does not have any disease that can destroy your plants.

Benefits of organic garden

  • It is economically friendly since it does not require a lot of resources to set up it making it a good choice to many city dwellers where land is an issue.
  • It boosts your food budget significantly since most of the food inputs will be from your garden. This will reduce the amount of money that you spend on the grocery significantly once you start harvesting you produce.
  • It improves your health significantly since most of the food that we buy are chemically grown whereas the organic garden food is chemical free. This will reduce the amount of chemical that you consume leaving you healthier than you could have been It will supply with fresh supply of food especially vegetables which is more nutritious and tastes better than what you can get from the grocery where food is stored in freezers thus losing their quality.
  • They can also be a source of income since if you can manage to produce more than you can consume, you can sell the surplus. Also these gardens are very key saving energy, protecting water and top soil in your compound, and they also help a lot in beautifying the area where they are being practiced.
  • Organic gardens are the solution to many economical and health problems and this is what have made them widely accepted. Different towns have their own laws that regulate how this farming should be carried out and so It is advisable to get more information before engaging in this practice to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. The food from these gardens are of the highest quality.

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