Resilient kitchen flooring – materials for comfortable cooking

When you are renovating your kitchen, selecting your new flooring is one of the key decisions you need to make. You want to choose something which is durable, attractive, and which fits the style of your kitchen. Cost is often an important consideration, since redoing a kitchen can be an expensive job. Some people want to lay the flooring themselves, while others prefer to hire professionals, and this can influence your choices, too. Here are a few good options for resilient kitchen flooring.

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Best cost kitchen flooring – Sheet vinyl

Kitchen floors tend to get a lot of traffic on them, and they also suffer more spills than floors in other rooms. You want to have something that is durable enough to stand up to heavy wear and still look good. You also want something that can resist moisture and stains, and which is easy to clean. When you want all of this in a cost-effective flooring, sheet vinyl is the top choice.

Sheet vinyl is exceptionally water resistant, never allowing water to seep through to the subfloor no matter how long it sits on the vinyl. When it’s installed from 12-foot wide rolls, you have minimal seams to worry about, where water could conceivably sneak through. Vinyl comes in an enormous range of colors and patterns, and it is long lasting. Leave the installation to the pros.

Most comfortable kitchen flooring – Laminate

Laminate on its own can be hard on your feet, but when you add a layer of padding below that, it softens the feel and makes it more comfortable. Using laminate flooring, you can get the attractive look of wood, without the maintenance issues associated with real hardwood. It is durable and easy to clean, and water can’t soak through except at the seams.You can install laminate yourself, and glue-less seams are possible. However, if you go with a professional installation and the more difficult glued seams, your flooring will be better at resisting spills and protecting your subfloor from moisture.

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Best Do-It-Yourself kitchen flooring – Vinyl tile

If you want to tackle the kitchen flooring project yourself, then vinyl tile is the easiest material to work with. You buy the tiles in sizes ranging from 12-inch squares up to 18-inch squares. Just peel off the backing paper, and then stick the tiles on the floor where you want them. Modern vinyl tiles come in a wide range of attractive designs, with deep, rich colors and realistic textures. The self-adhesive tiles stick to the floor better than older versions, and you rarely get curling edges.

Most attractive kitchen flooring – Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is a popular choice for kitchens because it is exceptionally durable, and can stand up to heavy use. When you grout and seal it properly, it can also resist kitchen spills well. You can find tiles available in a wide assortment of colors and styles, from traditional to innovative. While ceramic tile looks like it could be easy to install yourself, there is definitely an art to it. If you want your floor to look perfect, then it’s worth the cost to hire professional installers.

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Convenience at its best – rubber flooring

Rubber can be an ideal type of material for your kitchen. It’s cheap, waterproof and durable. Also, it comes in a wealth of colors, patterns and designs. Rubber flooring has the power to make a space seem cozier, even a cooking space. What’s great about rubber is that it look like other materials too. It’s like a chameleon material you can use if you want to redecorate on a budget. Splashes and spills are really common in a kitchen. Fortunately, rubber is slip resistant. Unlike some other types of materials, it is also eco-friendly and easy to keep clean.

Every kitchen should have resilient flooring. This is the most used room of the house, so the only way to keep it clean and secure is to invest in durable materials. Families with lots of kids can’t place marble flooring in their kitchen because it won’t last for too long. Rubber, ceramic, vinyl on the other hand, are much better alternatives. Think in the best interest of your family, go green, and let the redecorating begin!

Erin Emanuel