Fix Or Replace? How To Know What Is The Best Option When It Comes To Home Items

Every one of the six household items below can fall into disrepair easily. You have to know when to replace and when to repair these household items. Each one is different in its own right, and you should consider carefully what you should do before spending your hard-earned money.

Home Items


Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is a small appliance that is not very expensive. A minor repair is worth doing on the disposal, but any repair that is going to take more than an hour will easily outpace the cost of replacing the unit.


Your refrigerator is an expensive and large appliance. There are repairmen who specialize in repairing refrigerators, but the fridge could be beyond repair. Water hoses and gaskets on the unit are easy to repair. Anything that involves disassembling the unit may be too expensive. Replacing the unit to avoid major repair expenses is often a good choice.


Your microwave is the most dangerous and complicated appliance to repair. A repairman can fix the microwave, but you must remember that these repairs could be fleeting. Microwaves are inexpensive because they are not intended to last the life of the home. If the repair is not simple, you should consider buying a replacement. Microwaves can also become a hazard if they are not fixed properly, so buying a new one can save you time, money, and keep your family safe.

Stove and Oven

Your stove and oven are large and cumbersome units that are hard to move and repair. However, the best units are extremely expensive. A repairman can typically replace small parts inside the unit when there is a problem. Making the investment to replace the unit is unwise unless your stove and oven are so old that you cannot imagine them lasting much longer. Since the are so expensive to replace, fixing the problem, even if it seems costly at first, is often cheaper than buying them brand new.


The dishwasher is a unit that is designed for easy repair. However, the dishwasher also uses water consistently. If the water comes in contact with sensitive parts of the inner workings of the dishwasher, the dishwasher may not be repairable. Consult your repairman to find out if it is worth spending money on repairing the unit. Most often, your dishwasher includes a warranty and can be fix for free if something goes wrong, so be sure to consult the company before doing any repairs yourself or with another company.

Furnace and Air Conditioner

Your furnace and air conditioner must be serviced regularly to make sure they still work. They are large units that can last for decades at a time, but you must know when to pull the plug. A furnace or air conditioner that cannot have its heating or cooling elements repaired needs to be replaced. You will often save money by replacing the furnace or air conditioner with a new, energy efficient model that will last for a long time, says the experts at Cydcom Services Ltd.

All six items above deserve careful consideration for you as a homeowner. Make wise financial decisions about repair and replacement so your home does not become a money pit.

Erin Emanuel