How to Choose the Best Removal Company

Moving home can be a very problematic, and stressful time in our lives, so when we are choosing a company to come into our home, pack up all of our belongings, and move these to our new home, you need to choose carefully. As with most things in life, you will pay for quality, so if you do not have many precious things to move, you may as well get a man with a van to move your possessions. There are plenty of companies, who can offer removals in Sydney, and also other surrounding areas, so you all you need to do is take a quick look on the internet, and you are sure to find a host of companies to choose from.

Best Removal

Getting in Contact

You may have to contact a number of different removal companies, to find one that offers a professional service, at a reasonable price. You will be able to find companies listed in the phone book, local newspapers, and there are also plenty online. You may even get some recommendations from friends of families, of companies that they have used in the past. The more companies that you contact, the better, as this will mean you will be able to get a variety of different quotes, and be able to ask lots of questions, so you can work out your preference. You will need to invite each company to your home so that they can assess the amount of furniture that you are moving, and work out both the amount of space required on the truck, and the amount of time it will take. This is also a great time that you can ask your own questions so that you can gauge the level of professionalism.

Clean is good

It is also a good idea if you can check out the local company, and take a look at their vehicles before you commit to using their services. Most professional companies will clean their vehicle after every job, and this includes both inside, and the outside, of the vehicle. This shows a level of pride and professionalism, and should mean that you are not going to get any unwanted stains on any of your possessions, when they are in transit, in the back of the truck. The same can be said for the workers themselves, and a professional company should provide their workers with a suitable uniform, which makes them stand out, especially when compared to operations which are nothing more than a man with a van.

The Level of Service

When you are asking questions of potential companies, you may wish to keep the following in mind, and ask questions accordingly;

  • How long will it take to pack everything up?
  • How long will it take to unpack everything?
  • What is included within the quote?
  • Will you need to pay for any extras, such as packing material or boxes?
  • How comprehensive is the insurance and what does it cover?
  • If going long distance, what is the transit time to the new destination?

It is also good if you can ask for any client testimonials, or even check out the company website, to see if they are listed on there. You can also use a search engine to see if you can find out any further information about the company in question. You may find forums and websites which offer both positive and negative comments about companies, which can assist you in making a decision.

Once you have made your decision and booked everything, all you need to do, is let the removal company into your home. Then sit back and watch as they pack everything up, loading it onto the truck in no time at all. Then when you arrive at your destination, they will unpack everything into your new home, where you will settle down quickly, with a lot less hassle than if you were doing it yourself!

Erin Emanuel