Best Indoor Plants for Your Home

Indoor Plants

In these deep dark Winter months we all long for the return of the Sun and the reemergence of GREEN. We miss all those trees, shrubs, and even our grassy lawns to mow. That green color of plants means life and activity to us, it is primal.

You can bring that happy feeling into your home with houseplants! With such a huge variety to choose from, you’ll be certain to find the best indoor plants for your home. Consider the following when making your choices and breathe deeply cleaner, fresher air in your plant-filled home!


Size Matters

The size of your choice of indoor plant can affect your home’s decor greatly.

  • Consider how the plant will develop and grow from the size it was when you bought it, or started it from seed or shoot.
  • Some plants never get big, so if you have a really small space, try some of these.
  • To really make a room inviting, try a really big plant – to the ceiling!

Climate, Real and Imagined

Even though your houseplants will live indoors, the climate does still matter.

  • Where you live geographically will affect which of your home’s windows get what kind of light, and for how long throughout the year.
  • Exterior objects, such as other homes and buildings nearby, or trees and overhangs, can affect the quality and amount of sunshine available to your plants.
  • A humid climate will tolerate different plants indoors as opposed to a dryer environment.
  • Keep in mind the faux climate that you create in your home with heating and cooling, both of which can be very drying to the air.

Amok, Amok, Amok!

If you have a curious and hungry pets in your home, or young children old enough to explore but too young to know what is safe in the world to eat, be aware!

  • Many common houseplants are poisonous.
  • Some plants are poisonous only to certain animals, be very careful and individualize your plant choices.
  • While some plants must be consumed to be poisonous, there are others which can cause irritation to the skin, or to the eyes.
  • Remember animal habits as well. Cats and dogs often dig and rabbits chew.

Effort, or Less

When choosing indoor plants for your home, also consider your lifestyle.

  • Different plants will require different levels of upkeep.
  • If you cannot be trusted to remember to water plants, perhaps an air plant is right for you?
  • If you want the soothing peace of gardening all year round, try orchids. They require a great deal of time and effort, which many people find very rewarding.
  • Be sure to fertilize indoor plants, and go organic. If you want extra help, get a study certificate iii in home and community care online.

The Best of the Best

Overall, the best indoor plants for your home are likely to be aloe and other succulents, spider and snake and peace lily plants if you live with controlled mouths, ivies and philodendrons for ease of growth, and rubber and Dracaena plants for a larger look. Get going and get growing!

Erin Emanuel