Fool Proof Cleaning: The Best Tips for Keeping the Kitchen Clean When You Have Kids around the House

When kids start to become mobile, they can get into anything and everything around the house. A prime location for creating messes happens to be the kitchen. With kids around the house, you might think that keeping the kitchen clean is an impossible task. While it is a huge undertaking, there are a few helpful tips to help you save time, sweat and tears when it comes to kitchen cleaning. Keep reading for a few ideas to help you keep the kitchen clean, and maintain your sanity:


Quality Sippy Cups Are Mandatory

The majority of kitchen messes occur from liquid drinks that spill all over the table and floor. With very young children, grabbing cups and tossing them across the room is another phase they go through. You will likely not be able to prevent the vast majority of these gravity-defying, liquid-splattering adventures. For this reason, a no-spill sippy cup is a parent’s best friend; however, you must purchase a quality sippy cup brand, because some sippy cups perform far better than others.

Using Plastic Runners and Place-mats

When children eat, food will fly, crumble, and drop all over the kitchen. If your kitchen floor happens to be carpeted, you are going to have problems. To avoid stains on your kitchen floor, putting plastic runners underneath a high chair or around the underneath of the kitchen table will prevent stains and hours of attempting to get a gooey, sticky mess of semi-solid food particles out of carpet fibers. Employing the use of place-mats will also help to keep the table or counter-top clean as well. If there is a mess on the place-mat where your child eats, it is a simple matter of rinsing the mat in the sink.

The Fastest Mop in the West


Having kids means that endless amounts of substances will be tracked through the house—food, dirt, glitter, the list goes on and on. For this reason, an electronic mop is a parent’s best friend. Since the solution is already mixed for you and ready to spray on the affected area of the floor, this makes an otherwise time consuming mess easy to clean up within a couple of minutes. When you are finished, simply toss the replaceable mop pad in the trash. According to professionals of Maid Brigade cleaning services, you can also stick an old sock over the pad in order to transform the mop into a duster for hardwood or tile kitchen floors.

Keeping Garbage in the Can

Any parent of a toddler knows that young children are prone to getting into the trash. The typical plastic trash can is generally easy to pull over, and the lid will have a tendency to open once that happens. A metal step-can, however, poses a couple of challenges for a two-year-old. For one thing, it has a lid that self closes and has mechanical tension to help keep it closed. Even if your child knocks it over, chances are the tension will continue to keep the lid closed and the contents inside. Alternatively, you can place a trash can inside the cabinet under the sink. This will help to keep the garbage out of the child’s immediate reach; thus, preventing you from having a mess to clean up

While any household with children can’t expect to have a spotless kitchen 24/7, you can use a few of these cleaning hacks to keep you from cleaning the kitchen four times every day. Do your best to set up preventative measures, and you’ll be able to keep kitchen messes under control—for the most part.



Erin Emanuel


  1. Thanks for these tips for improving how I clean my kitchen. There have been a few times when I had trouble keeping my garbage in the container. I liked your tip to use a metal step-can. That seems like a good way to prevent garbage from getting everywhere in my kitchen.

  2. I have been noticing that lately my kitchen has been really dirty, and I just wanted to get it cleaner than it usually is. I’ll be sure to take your advice and use things like mats to catch any crumbs. I’ll also make sure to tell my kids to throw away their garbage, and to actually get it in the trash. I’m sure with the tips, I’ll be able to get my kitchen better than how it was.

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