Best Paint Colors For Every Room of Your House

There are always those people who will opt for the same color in every room. It is convenient and it saves you a whole lot of thinking, but when you think a bit more about it, with all the choices that you have available today, why would you limit yourself to only one color? Colors are powerful and they have a strong effect on your mood and on your productivity. Therefore, use that power to make your life fuller and more balanced. Each room deserves its own color and here are the ideas about which colors are OK and which are not, for every room of your home.


Living room

living room

This is the area that gathers the whole family and also the area where your friends come to visit you. This is the area where you should feel warm, cozy, energized and relaxed at the same time. Therefore, a really good choice of colors includes some earth tones, like beige, brown and the like. These can be sparked up by some red, orange and yellow details. If you want, you can make your whole room in these stronger colors.



Bedroom is a place of relaxation and the place where you need to feel ready to fall deeply into sleep without disturbances. For those who don’t mind the cold colors, deep blue is just perfect. However, if that is too dark for you, check out some lavender colors as they are soothing and lovely, as well.



People say that you transfer the energy that you carry into the food that you are making. Therefore, all the reds and oranges and yellows should find their way into your kitchen. Also, some bright greens are welcome as well. In this way, your energetic environment will make your mood brighter and your meals better. All the natural colors are welcome here, regardless of the size of the kitchen.

Dining room

Be careful with your dining room colors. Red color increases appetite. Since this may sound like a good thing at first, think about your weight. Therefore, if you don’t want to do too much for your appetite there, you can think about earthly tones with some bright details. You can rarely go wrong with those.

Children’s room

You can choose some amazing colors for this room and it is the best if you consult your little one as well. Both of you will be tempted to choose all the wackiest color patterns you can come up with, but make sure that you have some boundaries. Too much bright and strong colors can make your kid nervous on the long run and cause some problems sleeping.


If you want a relaxing bathroom that resembles a spa, use green, blue, aquamarine or lavender. If you want to experiment and create a cozy atmosphere, don’t be afraid of the deep and dark colors with light furniture. Modern trends go toward chocolate brown tile colors as well.

Here are some of the ideas for each of the most important rooms of your home. Weather you are decorating your walls with tiles, wallpaper or simply paint, the most important thing about your wall colors is that you feel comfortable and amazing there, because you will be the one spending time in those rooms, so you are the one who gets the final word.

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