What Colors is Smart to Paint a Bathroom Cabinet?

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are two areas which can be enlivened using creativity and good colors. Redoing them is inexpensive and less time consuming. Cabinetry is important for enhancing bathroom usability. Apart from style and design, you should also look into its color combination. If you are looking for usable options for bathroom cabinet painting in Liver more or painting in Concord, this article will give you some great ideas to base your own cabinet design and color.

1.       Make the Bathroom Cabinets Colorful

Look at this image.


If your bathroom is spacious, with lot of windows and stylized cabinets, you could give it the above look. The use of window trims and turquoise vanity gives a regal and bold statement to the bathroom. The blue hues give a striking appeal to the weathered wooden paneling.

2.       Use Attractive Wallpapers

In the image below, you can see a marvelous combination of white color and attractive brown wallpaper.


The elegant combination can even make a small bathroom look spacious. The cabinets add structure and dimension to the wallpaper background. Using a lot of white space with textured cut is good for smaller bathrooms. It enhances its appearance and gives a bigger feel.

3.       The Minimalist Look

Take a look at this.


Isn’t the whole outlook pleasantly elegant? The marble flooring, tiled vanity wall and the use of wooden color paint for the cabinets lend it a simple yet appealing outlook. The use of minimal colors and structures doesn’t dim its appeal. The flat fronted wooden drawers seem to be ‘floating’, as if defying gravity, turning it into the focal point.

4.       The Arty Look

If you want the cabinets to have an ‘arty’ look, take a look at this image.


It looks straight out of a 19th century Victorian house. The medium brown stained cabinets, molding outlines, round metal knobs and the furniture style feet gives the impression of a dressing table. Another example would be this –


If you have a bungalow style home and prefer a rustic decorative style, be inspired from these styles.

5.       The Asian Look

If the oriental styles and colors impress you, see this one –


The wooden cabinets are custom-designed to imitate the Asian architecture. Giving it a deep brown and well paneled color finish lends an exquisite feel. The cabinets blend effortlessly with the overall Asian feel of the bathroom. The frosted glass, sleek cabinets, brass hardware, the geometric designs on cabinet and chiseled flooring creates the overall oriental aura.

6.       Use Tiles

Like we had the wallpaper and white color combination in the second point, here is another variation. Instead of wallpaper, you can use tiles and contrast with the cabinets.


As you can sense, this is a small bathroom and thus features a compact cabinet. To give it a rich feel, the deep metallic color of the cabinets matches with the mosaic tiling. The cabinets are large to contain the under sink plumbing as well as offer more storage space. You can add a medicine cabinet too above the counter top to keep the space uncluttered.

What do you think of all these bathroom cabinet and design ideas? Share with us in the comments below.

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