Three Signs it is Time for New Furniture

One of the largest investments in your home is furniture. It says a lot about you – your tastes, your favorite colors, maybe even your quirks. You want to be comfortable and more importantly, you want your guests to be comfortable. However, everyone enjoys a comfortable pretty home, but there comes a time when the furniture has to get an upgrade!

1. Your Couch Swallows You Whole!

After time, the springs and framework of all furniture breaks down. When you sit on the couch, is it hard to get up because your knees are touching your chin? That is a sure sign the furniture has to go—you are sinking too far into the couch, the pillows are lumpy and the frame creaks. It is time to trade the couch for a durable, useful piece of furniture.

replace old couch

2. Faded and Fringed

A teenager may pay good money for faded and fringed jeans, but your furniture should not be faded OR fringed! After a couple of kids, a dog and a cat, the fabric of a piece of furniture begin to show worn spots, and the upholstery may actually develop holes and shabby spots. Cushions, over time, will lose their support. While it may be possible to recover cushions, that old recliner or couch frame will also be worn and the best investment will be new furniture. Consider keeping the animals off of your new furniture, especially if it is leather or a fabric that can be easily ruined by sharp claws. This will save you money and prevent you from having to buy new furniture all over again in the near future.

faded furniture

3. Your Tastes have Changed

Time changes everyone. The matching sofa and loveseat in green plaid was great—ten years ago! It didn’t show Kool-Aid stains and Rover loved to sleep in the corner. Some pieces came from Mom’s family room, some from the thrift store, and some were castoffs from friends. Now it is time to replace yesterday’s tastes with furniture that is more compatible with your current lifestyle.

classy home furniture

Make sure to look for solid wood furniture like Jamco Wood Products. Solid wood furniture will stand the test of time, unlike particle board or poor wood veneers, and is a great investment. Be sure to also look for good fabrics. The upholstery fabrics, seams and stitching should be of first quality, and hardware should be durable and beautiful.

Replacing your furniture doesn’t have to be a chore, but a time to express your personal tastes. Make it fun, but do your homework and find out about the benefits different brands have to offer, and enjoy the process! Even if you replace only one room at a time, your home will have a new, fresh feel that will be appreciated by your friends and family for years to come. This will create a new, comfortable, and a more inviting feel to your home for your friends, family, and  especially for yourself.

Erin Emanuel