It’s Right time to replace your roof

Roof is the one of the most important parts of your house, without a roof your home would be left with four walls and foundation. Every house owner have questions in mind “what is the right time for new roof” as time passes your roof will wear out over time.

As a house owner there is need of few things to look after and you need to be aware about the state of you roof and whether it needs repair or replacement. It is equally essential when you are planning to sell your home. From the home owner perspective, if the roof is left for a few years then most probably they will not plan to change it, but buyer will negotiate for the new roof.

The best way to find out the state of your roof in little time is by contacting the roofing contractor for a thorough inspection and he will tell the exact condition of your roof. There is no as such need of periodic check ups for the roofing.

As per the national roofing contractor association every house owner must check their roof before/after spring and winter. Few methods you need to follow while checking the condition of roof by yourself and know is there any necessity for new roof or not.


Inspection of interior roof check

Water Leaks: If you find any damage or leak then you start planning to contact a roofing company. Over time water damage are hazardous for the roof and it is very important to patch them.

Spots: Moisture is the main source for penetration of your roof and it can cause problems for both interior and exterior of your home.

Light: This is the one of the easiest way to discover and inspect your roof. Light shining through the roof from outside is real problem and can be addressed immediately.

Sagging Roof: if your roof have sagging areas then it is the high time to get a new roof. Sagging is the structural issue in which can be solved only by new roof.

Inspection of exterior roof

Damage: Split and crack in shingles is obvious when they get old and there will be a visible damage and it is easier to tell if you need a new roof.

Drainage: check your drainage system, as they need to be cleared more than once in a year. Sometimes improper drainage system can cause blockage of water.

Moisture: It can be the major problem which can damage your roof from inside and outside. So it is very important that water can flow down.

So if you find these signs then immediately contact the right roofing contractor and ask them for the valuable suggestion and this way you can resolve the problem either by repair or new roof that depends on the damage done to your roof. A quality roof can last up to 20 to 30 years when it is maintained by trained professionals.

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Erin Emanuel