Best Ways To Find A Water Leak In Your Home


Find A Water Leak In Your Home

Water is essential to your everyday life. In fact, most of the human body is made up of water, so without it you would not even be able to exist. You also use it to cook, clean, brush your teeth, and flush your toilet. However, this doesn’t mean that water can’t be destructive as well. Sometimes water leaks can be hard to detect and they without a doubt can lead to more costly repairs down the road if not fixed in a timely manner. This is why it is always imperative to ensure that your plumbing system is working effectively and not leaking, but how can you go about doing that?

Always Monitor Your Usage

If you are like most people these days you probably have all your bills setup on an automation service. Unfortunately, when it comes to your water bill this can be a mistake. Your bill might be substantially raising and you don’t even know it, which could indicate a sizeable leak somewhere. Check your bills from month to month and see how much water you are consuming. If your usage hasn’t changed that you are probably dealing with a leak. Experts say that a family of four should probably average a usage rate of 12,000 gallons a month.

Water Leak In Your Home

Take Advantage Of The Pros

Just knowing that you have a leak is half the equation. Now you have to track down and fix that leak. Unfortunately, this might be harder than you except. This will be especially true is the leak is underground somewhere. If you know that you have a leak, but can’t track it down you might not have any choice but to turn to a professional water leak detection services. These services can utilize a variety of unique methods and techniques to help locate and fix your leak.

Start At The Meter

When it comes to detecting a water leak the best place is to start right at the meter. First, turn off all the water appliances in the home. This doesn’t mean you have to kill power to them, but just simple make sure that the water isn’t running to them. Make sure the faucets are off, the shower is off, the dishwasher isn’t running, or make sure the water heater is full. Once you are 100 percent sure that there isn’t any water running, you need to go outside to your meter.

Open the meter and look down at the dial. You will probably notice an arrow or some kind of spinning device that spins around in a clockwise motion. This device shouldn’t be spinning. It only spins when water is going from the meter to the home. If you know that all the water appliances are off and this spinning device is rotating it means that you have a leak. Unfortunately, the leak could be anywhere from the meter to the home or from the main to the meter.

Just because the meter doesn’t spin right away it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a leak. It is possible that you are dealing with a slow leak that just hasn’t presented itself yet. It is best to note the position of the dial, wait a few hours without using water, come back to the meter, and recheck the dial.

Erin Emanuel