The Best Winter Home Improvements You Can Make for around $1000

Your home takes a beating every winter. With cold weather, high energy prices, sleet, snow, and salt, your home has a lot thrown at it during the winter months. Add to that the fact that you and your family may typically spend more time indoors during these months, it just makes sense that you’ll want to prepare your home as well as possible.


The following home improvements are the best ones to make this winter for only around $1,000 each.


I. Vinyl Storm Door Installation

Storm doors help protect your exterior door from the elements. They block out the cold and snow and protect your home during the winter months. Older storm doors are made of materials that can rust, ruining your home’s curb appeal and making it difficult to open and shut them. According to , adding a new storm door to your home if your exterior doors are older and not energy efficient can be a great investment. Vinyl storm doors in particular are a low cost, low maintenance option that can help improve the energy efficiency of your home, sealing
out the elements, while adding an attractive new face to your home’s front door.

Cost of Vinyl Storm Door Installation

The average cost of a new vinyl storm door installation is around $439.
Prices range from $223 for a DIY installation to $784 for an upgraded door.

Things to Know

  • Storm doors are critical for helping to seal up your home for winter.
    ● If you’re installing more than two doors, you may get a per unit discount.
    ● During the installation, your contractor may find other areas to repair, which could affect the final cost.
    ● These prices listed are for the service area directly surrounding the installer, taxes and fees extra.

Can You Do it yourself?

This project is suitable for an experienced carpenter with the proper tools.
Partial DIY may be possible as well with the removal of the old door and frame.

II. Metal Awning Installation

Awnings help to protect your home from the elements, and help you reduce your energy bills year round. According to studies done at the University of Minnesota , awnings can help reduce solar gain, which in turn reduces your energy bills.

Metal awnings have a great advantage over fabric versions as well; They don’t have to be removed during winter and can help protect your home from snow and rainfall as well. Because metal is more durable than fabric, a metal awning will also likely last a lot longer than a fabric version will as well, which can help increase your home’s curb appeal. Putting up a new awning during winter can help protect your home from the elements now, and help you
control your energy bills later.

Cost of Awning Installation

The typical cost of a decorative metal awning installation is around $589.
Prices range from $229 for a DIY installation to $1,870 for an 18 foot long and 10 foot wide awning.

Things to Know

  • Make sure you find out how much snow your new awning can hold, and factor this into your final decision.
    ● A project involving more than one awning may entitle you to a reduction in cost per units.

Can You Do it Yourself?

This job may be suitable for DIY, and assumes between three and five hours of labor per awning.
You will need to be comfortable working on top of scaffolds or ladders during installation.

III. Attic Insulation

Adequate amounts of insulation is your home’s first defense against the cold of winter and the higher energy bills that often comes along with it. Unfortunately, many older homes don’t have enough insulation, and in some cases the existing insulation may have been disturbed by pets or by contractors working in your home. According to EnergyStar , you should have between 10 and 14 inches of insulation in your attic. If your attic is looking a little low, getting additional insulation can help keep you more comfortable this winter.

Blow in insulation is one of the easiest types to install, as well as one of the most effective, as it more easily reaches all the areas of attic space.

Cost of Adding Attic Insulation

The average cost of adding blow-in insulation to a 1,500 square foot attic is $897.
Prices range from $617 for DIY fiberglass rolls to $1,501 for roll insulation professional installed.

Things to Know

  • The R-value of the insulation you install should be reflective of your climate. R13
    is suitable for moderate climates, while R19 is recommended for colder climes.
    ● There may be federal or state energy rebates available for installing new insulation in your home.
    ● The prices given reflect the area directly around the installer, taxes and fees extra.

Can You Do it Yourself?

This project may be suitable for DIY by an experienced homeowner.
Ladders or scaffolding may be required to complete the job.

IV. Repaint a Room

There’s nothing like a fresh paint job to liven up any room of your home. Fresh paint can have a major impact on how people view your home. Because you spend more time indoors during the winter, it makes now a great time of year to repaint after all, you’ll be spending more time looking at your walls during the winter than at any other time of year.

Painting during winter can also be advantageous because of the lower moisture levels in the home, which will help your paint dry faster.

Cost to Repaint a Room

The average cost to repaint a room in your home is $378 for a 200 square foot room.
Prices range from $162 for a 200 square foot room DIY to $459 for a 200 square foot room with two coats of paint.

Things to Know

● Preparation for painting may include scraping, taping, and sanding, as well as protecting other surfaces
from paint
● The work area must be free of all furniture, rugs, and other obstacles
● The prices reflect the service area directly surrounding the provider, taxes and fees extra

Can You Do it Yourself?

This project is suitable for able bodied DIY homeowners.

V. Gas Furnace Replacement

You rely heavily on your gas furnace each winter to help keep you and your family warm. With energy bills soaring, however, it may be in your best interests to invest in a newer model, particularly if your furnace is getting older. Gas furnaces are among the most popular options for heating your home in the US, and newer models are designed to help give you a more efficient heating system. Selecting a gas furnace with an EnergyStar rating will save you closet
to $100 a year on heating costs as well.

Gas condensing furnaces are among the most efficient sources available today, making this one of the best investments you can make in your home this winter.

Cost of a Gas Furnace Replacement

The average cost of a new gas furnace is around $1,773 for a 35,000 BTU gas furnace.
Prices range from $795 for a 22,000 BTU wall furnace to $4,695 for a central furnace with 113,000 BTUs

Things to Know

  • Gas furnaces require the installation of an exterior vent as well.
    ● You may be eligible for an energy rebate for certain installations.
    ● All furnace installations should be in accordance with state and local codes.
    ● Prices listed reflect the area directly surrounding the service provider, taxes and fees extra.

Can You Do it Yourself?

This installation may be suitable for extremely capable DIY homeowners, but certain state and insurance regulations may require a professional installation.

Issues may arise that require the assistance of a professional.


Winter is a great time to update your home and make it a more comfortable place to be. Find out more about how much your home improvements could cost you with Cost Guides and stay safe this winter.


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