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Have you ever wondered how your business or residential building chooses the cleaning company or maintenance crew that helps maintain your building? Generally, before a company or crew is hired to help maintain a building they must submit a proposal or “bid” to the people in charge of the building. This bid serves as a preliminary contract which sets down, in writing, the key duties and responsibilities that the company or crew will be providing. This is a very important piece of information, so when a construction and building maintenance company submits a bid you will want to make sure that it has the following information: scope, liability and monetary regulations.Building Maintenance

  • A key element in any bid submitted for consideration is a statement of the scope of the work that the applying company agrees to undertake. It lists what work the applicants can and will provide upon entering into a formal agreement. Repairs of damage to walls, heating, air conditioning plumbing and the replacement of door locks all fall into the maintenance. In the case of a cleaning company, the bid would list out the schedule and level of service the workers will provide for the company. Often the statement of scope will also list out a general the number of employees on the crew who will be working in the building – which means that you will need to set ground rules for liability.
  • One thing potential employers must always account for is the potential for accidents to occur on the job. When a company hires a maintenance crew, there is a very real possibility that an unforeseen accident may arise – which means that employers will need to do everything in their power to limit liability in cases of negligence. As such, it is important for the lawyers to have an understanding with the applying company that if one of the company’s workers is injured, the maintenance company will take full responsibility for its workers. But in taking responsibility of their workers safety, the company in question also needs to be held accountable for the actions of its own workers. When an unruly worker steals from the building, damages property or creates an unsafe environment for residents or other workers, then the applicant company will be on the hook for those damages. In order to ensure that there is full coverage, most employers will request proof of liability insurance to show that the company is covered in such cases.
  • Of the many components in a bid, perhaps the most important is the section which outlines and details the penalties and fees that the applicant company presents to their potential employers. This lists the costs of the services provided and helps give employers a projected estimate of how much the services will cost in the long term. But at the end of the day, the employer will want the best deal possible – which means that they will prepare penalties in case the job the company is hired for isn’t done in a timely or efficient manner. In such cases, the precautions are put in place in order to enforce the standards required for the job and to ensure that the company is not flushing money down the drain for a service that is not being provided.

These individual components of a bid proposal make it clear that their main purpose is to make the applicant company seem as attractive as possible. At the end of the day, potential employers want to be given the best bang for their buck and will take any advantage that they can from service providers. When preparing or studying a bid proposal, keep these factors in mind in order to help get the best deal: know what your potential employers are looking for and understand how to address all the points discussed here.

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David Smith is a professional blogger. He writes on behalf of Servcon, a company which provides Construction and Building Maintenance services.

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