Big Living in Small Spaces: 5 Apartment Tips

Apartments have become a popular living choice among city dwellers. With this choice comes the challenge of turning it into both a functional and decorative area—without cramping space.So how exactly can you live big in small apartments? Here are the best space saving tips you can apply today.

Apartment Tips


 1. Vertical shelves always save the day.

One of the biggest problems in apartment living is storage.
So before you go ahead and stifle your area with buildings of books, stacks of clothing and other knick-knacks, consider vertical shelves.

Whether it’s in your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, make use of the wall area for you to install shelves on. Apart from functionality, you can be as creative as you want with how they look.

2. Functional furniture is what works.

Apart from vertical shelves, functional furniture can definitely make up for big living in small spaces. Instead of buying a one-layer glass top table, why not get a coffee table that has storage space in it? You can even invest on benches that double as storage or bed with drawers underneath.

Remember, a cluttered apartment means a cluttered mind. So have only furniture that will let you live in a more relaxed, organized and clean space.

3. Put pans and pots in an overhead storage.

The kitchen is no doubt the busiest area of your apartment. This counts even greater especially if you’re one who has tons of pans and pots lying around.

What you can do is to have an overhead storage space to make room for better mobility in this area. You know those kinds of storage ideas in old country homes? You can make use of that even in your modern apartment.

Not only does it free up space in your counter, it also allows you to have more vertical space for your other kitchen tools and utensils.

4. Racks and hooks are your best friends.

Your entryway counts a lot for a first impression. In order to free up space in that area, put a small rack for your regularly used shoes and hooks for your keys and jackets. The same goes with your kitchen and bedroom. Hooks can be used to hang your kitchen utensils and to hang those pieces of clothing you’re going to still wear.

If you want to add a personal touch, you can always repaint or redesign these racks and hooks whichever way you please.

 5. Let go of things you no longer need.

Moving from a suburban house to an apartment is a lot of work. There will surely be tons of stuff you’re going to bring along with you.

What you want here is a livable space that you could breathe in and actually want to come home to. So by all means let go of those things you don’t need anymore. Used clothing, worn out shoes, old tools that you can sell for new ones and many more.

You can either donate them or have a garage sale just before you leave for your new apartment. This way, you’re able to keep only the essentials and free up loads of space, even before you move.

Author Bio:

Kole Tesamon  loves coming home to a cozy space after a long day of work. Apart from sharing tips for better living, she works as a freelance writer for a stay cable company that helps build great structures at maximum strength and with minimum construction materials.

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