5 Signs Your Home Requires a Bio-hazard Cleanup

Identifying a Bio-Hazard

A bio-hazard that occurs in your home or business constitutes the need for a professional bio-hazard cleanup agency. A bio-hazard cleanup agency is trained in the appropriate cleaning processes, methods, and techniques to safely and effectively clean a hazardous situation. A bio-hazard can be defined as any hazard to human or the environment that is biological in nature. A number of different factors can help you identify the need for a bio-hazard cleanup including the following 5 signs.

Bio-hazard Cleanup


Determine the Cause or Alleged Cause of the Condition

Avoid entering the area unprotected; however, consider the possible causes of the condition of the home or business. If the issue was formed in conjunction with an aftermath of biological issues or situations, you likely need a bio-hazard cleanup. Consider these hazardous agents.

1. Blood Spill

It is important to consider any blood as “contaminated” and “potentially dangerous.” As such, if there is any blood in the area, you have a hazardous situation that requires a hazardous cleanup team.

2. Unidentified Contaminants or Pathogens

The potential of unidentified pathogens or contaminants also constitutes the need for a bio-hazard cleanup. If the area has been exposed to a potential virus or bacterial agent, such as MRSA, the area will need to be professionally cleaned.

3. Tainted Organisms or Rodents

Tainted or contaminated organisms or animals are another cause for bio-hazard cleanup. As rodents often carry infectious diseases, an area that has been exposed to rodent infestation and gross filth also requires advanced treatment measures.

4. Sewage Leakage

Sewage exposure is also cause for a bio-hazard cleanup. Fecal matter presents a considerable threat of exposure and hazard, so if sewage has leaked into the affected area, professional cleaning is of utmost importance.

5. Controlled Substances

Controlled substances, including drugs and other sensitive materials, also present a potential hazard. If the site has been the location of a lab or other working area, it is also considered the site of a bio-hazard that will require special treatment and cleaning.

Use a Cleaning Service

If you feel your home has a bio-hazard somewhere on the inside, note that for the most part you do not want to attempt to just clean it up by yourself. Consider calling a cleaning service like AAA Standard Services, Inc.  or another service in your local area. They can help clean and restore your home and make it s a safe place to live in. They can also help preserve and protect your home from future bio-hazards in the future.

Erin Emanuel

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  1. That’s good to know that you should consider all blood as dangerous. I would think that if you don’t have a professional clean it up then you could be vulnerable to blood borne pathogens and other diseases. I’ll have to make sure that if there is a lot of blood spilled in my house that I call in a biohazard clean up company to clean it for me.

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