Advantages of Biomass Boilers

If you’re looking at energy efficient options for your home or business, a biomass boiler is a great choice. Typically fuelled by logs, wood pellets, or wood chips, biomass boilers are primarily used to provide heating and hot water through radiators and hot water cylinders. Biomass boilers are available in numerous sizes, from small, domestic, boilers to industrial scale wood gasification boilers, so there is bound to be a biomass boiler that suits your needs. Here are some of the reasons from Green Square, commercial biomass boilers specialists on why you should consider a biomass boiler.

Biomass boilers


They’re Cheap to Run

As fossil fuel supplies diminish, the price of oil, gas, and electricity is expected to rise further. At present, biomass boilers are still significantly cheaper to run than fossil fuels, with logs and wood chips costing 2 pence per kWh compared with electricity at 14 pence per kWh.

They Generate Income

The government’s introduction of the Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) offers strong financial incentives for investing in a biomass boiler. If your system is eligible, you’ll receive a fixed, index-linked income for every kWh of heat your biomass boiler generates. Combined with cheap running costs, payback on your initial investment can be achieved in as little as 4 years, with a potential return on investment of over 25%.

They’re Low Carbon

Fossil fuels have a lot to answer for when it comes to climate change. However, biomass boilers rely on wood fuel, which generates very little carbon. While fossil fuels convert carbon to carbon dioxide, wood fuel returns contemporary carbon to the atmosphere, which helps plant growth.

They Run on Sustainable Fuel

Extracting fossil fuels can be extremely destructive for the environment. However, most wood fuel is provided from sustainable woodlands, and many woodlands are strategically planted to generate biomass fuel. Forecast demand for wood fuel will incentivise better woodland management, leading to increased biodiversity and sustainable wildlife habitats. Furthermore, burning wood is better for the planet than leaving it to rot. Rotting wood generates methane and carbon dioxide which are extremely harmful to the environment, especially compared with the contemporary carbon generated from burning wood fuel.

They Run on Locally Sourced Wood

Fossil fuel prices are heavily tied to the macro-economic and political circumstances of supply countries. However, wood fuel can be sourced locally, meaning a readily available source of fuel at a reasonable price. It also reduces the associated costs and environmental damage caused by the long distance transport of fossil fuels. If you live by a forest, and own a wood burning biomass boiler, you can even collect your own wood for free if times get tough.

They’re Clean

Biomass boilers rival the best fossil fuel boilers when it comes to minimising the release of pollutants. Their efficiency is impressive and, with the right fuel, they’re virtually smoke free.

Biomass boilers heat your home, make you money, and protect the environment. No matter how you look at it, renewable energy sources are they key to a sustainable future, and biomass boilers are one of the best solutions available.

Erin Emanuel